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Build a call-to-action that delivers results with our Click-to-Schedule Button Builder and watch your clicks and conversions grow instantly.

Connecting with customers and prospects is a crucial component to the success of any business. Offering a Click-to-Schedule call-to-action is a proven way to increase the connect rate with your website visitors and drive bottom-line results. Use TimeTrade's Online Appointment Scheduling Button Builder to quickly and easily build a clean, inviting button for your website that will help you make the connections that matter to your business.

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Button Builder Steps

Customize, Copy and Paste

TimeTrade's Click-to-Schedule Button Builder gives you a quick, easy way to set the color and size of your Click-to-Schedule button and even lets you customize the contextual copy around the button. Once you've built your button, just copy the embed code and paste it into your website. If you can embed a YouTube video, you can create a Click-to-Schedule button.


A Button for Any Type of Appointment

Your business is dynamic and so are your customers. From prospecting calls to internal reviews, different types of meetings require different durations, preparation and availability. You may want to offer sales meetings during the week, product demos on M-W-F and in-person appointments on alternate days. TimeTrade's Click-to-Schedule Button Builder gives you the capability to easily create individual buttons for each type of appointment you want to offer.


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