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Appointment scheduling,
queue management and analytics
in a modular, enterprise-class,
omnichannel SaaS solution

Integrated Online Appointment Scheduling, Interactive Customer Engagement Tools
and Buyer Insight Analytics.

Online Appointment Scheduling through Purchase Path


Appointments empowers customers to schedule appointments through any channel - websites, email, phone, social media, etc. By offering a self-service scheduling option that is both intuitive and frictionless, a casual browser can be converted into an engaged customer that will meet a store employee in person to make final purchase decisions. Learn More.


Concierge is designed to assist in-store and in-branch interactions. They are the tools store employees use to manage customer engagements, as well as the tools customers see and interact with to assist their in-store experience. TimeTrade Concierge enables collaboration between store associates and managers so that customers can receive prompt service with a knowledgeable employee. Learn More.

Concierge sales collaboration tools to manage online appointment scheduling
Path Analytics for Responsive Business Intelligence


Analytics provides prescriptive insight into the customer’s end-to-end experience. Managers use dashboards to monitor performance and view drill-down analytics that drive decision making. Stores can capture customer feedback through a customer satisfaction survey and evaluate the customer’s interaction with the associate. Learn More.

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