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Queue management tools. Empowered employees. Ready to serve.

Concierge is a suite of fully configurable mobile applications for your staff and supervisors to manage customer flow in real time. When customers walk into your business—whether they have an appointment or not—Concierge helps you provide “We’ve been expecting you” service from the moment they arrive.

Concierge provides your employees with the knowledge of who is coming into your location, what they want to discuss, and when they will arrive—preparing your team to provide guaranteed personalized service.

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We’ve been expecting you Concierge Mobile collaboration tools

"We’ve been expecting you" service

Staff have visibility into their daily TimeTrade appointments, so they can prepare and provide exceptional service. Staff members can also transfer appointments to colleagues to minimize wait times if needed.

Deliver a great first impression

No appointment? No problem. Walk-in customers can check in via text or at the Concierge Kiosk. They can see how long they’ll have to wait for service, and either add their name to the queue or easily schedule a future appointment.

Self Service Kiosk for Online Appointment Scheduling
Digital Signage and Display for Online Appointment Scheduling

Manage customer expectations

Set expectations for customers by welcoming them on the Concierge real-time Up Next For Service display.

Wait time updates for customers

Early arriving customers with appointments—as well as walk-ins who are waiting in the queue—can be notified by text message when they’re up next for service. That way, if they want to run an errand or shop while they wait, they won’t miss their turn.

Concierge wait time appointment scheduling queue
Concierge Online Appointment Scheduling Queue

Fully utilize staff and take real-time action

With Concierge Mobile, managers can view all activity for their location. This provides a real-time, holistic view of how your team is executing, so you can make informed decisions. If a customer cancels, runs late or an appointment finishes early, staff has the option to transfer appointments between one another.

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