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Appointment Scheduling for Enterprises

TimeTrade Enterprise Edition is the world’s most widely deployed online appointment scheduling solution for medium to large organizations. TimeTrade’s unique scalability and flexibility makes it easy and fast for organizations to engage with their customers, clients or prospects.

Scheduling for your customers and prospects

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Help Your Customers Connect with You

Today’s consumers and businesses are more educated and they use diverse methods to find you. You need to be ready to give them what they want, when they want, across any channel. TimeTrade Click to Schedule empowers your customers and prospects to instantly book appointments with your organization from the web, social media sites, emails or marketing campaigns.

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Smart Matching

Companies often draw resources from an available pool of resources to match customer requests with exactly the right person, team members, equipment, location and facilities. Enterprise has an easy to use, yet sophisticated and highly scalable pooled resource manager that selects the right person out of hundreds or thousands of available resources, and delivers customers a confirmed appointment in less than 1 second.

Online Appointment Scheduling Resource Allocation

Appointment Scheduling Workflow Designer

Customized User Experience

Your business is unique; your scheduling UX/UI should be too. Enterprise’s custom workflow designer has an easy-to-use editor that lets you build custom scheduling workflows to fit your specific needs. You get full control over the user experience and scheduling steps. This means you can customize the booking process experience for different channels like social media, websites or email offers.



Call Center Scheduling Made Easy

Enterprise includes a call center “one-touch” scheduling console. It provides full access to the Enterprise scheduling system for applications where having a live call center for scheduling is required. With Enterprise, your call center agents can confidently close the loop with customers in a single phone interaction. The scheduling console allows operators to instantly check availability and confirm appointments in real-time providing a superior customer experience.



Call Center Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduling Calendars

Rules-Based Scheduling

TimeTrade is the only online appointment scheduling platform flexible enough to accommodate even the most complex set of business rules or processes while integrating with your existing systems. With Enterprise you can customize your scheduling assignments to exactly match your existing business processes, policies and procedures. A complete configuration system gives you detailed control in setting up and customizing Enterprise and makes it easy to change scheduling procedures and resource assignment rules as your business changes.

Enterprise-Grade Scalability

TimeTrade is the only online scheduling platform built to meet the most demanding needs of larger businesses and corporations. All TimeTrade products are built on the patented TimeTrade Appointment Cloud platform that can handle tens of thousands of resources and millions of appointments with 100% scheduling reliability.

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Online Appointment Scheduling Calendars

Responsive Business Intelligence

Decision makers now have clear, actionable visibility into the customer experience from the corporate level right down to conversations with individual customers.  Banks can now improve retention by responding with “next best action” follow-up and lower costs through more efficient management of staff and operations.

Instant Assessment

Organizations that capture “voice of the customer” feedback are twice as likely to have loyal customers that deliver repeat business. But collecting data isn’t the same as listening. Now, go beyond generalized follow-up surveys and get data on each individual customer-associate engagement that adds crucial point-of-purchase information missing from today’s live selling.

Call Center Scheduling