TimeTrade Retail Edition

Appointment Scheduling for Retailers

More than half of the Stores.org Top 10 Retailers use TimeTrade Retail in over 25,000 retail locations. Their customers make more than 45 million customer appointments per year for pre-scheduled and walk-in store visits. As a result, their customers never have to wait for great service.

Online Appointment Scheduling and Customer Experience for Retail
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Online Appointment Scheduling across Omnichannel

Drive OmniChannel Crossover

TimeTrade Retail gives your customers the opportunity to schedule appointments for store visits or on-site service. TimeTrade Retail provides 24x7 Click-to-Schedule appointments with a clean and simple user experience and instant confirmations. Click-to-Schedule is easy to use in social media campaigns, websites and even print ads.

In-Store Customer Flow Management

Walk–in customers get scheduled personal attention the same way web-scheduled customers do. Walk-in customers are placed into the queue or can schedule an appointment for later on. In-store digital signage tells customers exactly where they are in line and when they will be served.

In Store Queue and Customer Flow Management
Mobile customer management for your staff

Mobile Assistant for Sales Associates

Sales associates manage customer check-ins and walk-in appointments through an easy-to-use tablet application that gives everyone in the store up-to-the-minute status on upcoming appointments and in-service visitors. When customers enter the store, they can be checked-in, serviced immediately or if they are have to wait, browse the store as their appointment approaches. Integration with existing customer information systems and POS systems is an option.

Instant Assessment

Organizations that capture “voice of the customer” feedback are twice as likely to have loyal customers that deliver repeat business. But collecting data isn’t the same as listening. Now, go beyond generalized follow-up surveys and get data on each individual customer-associate engagement that adds crucial point-of-purchase information missing from today’s live selling.

Instant Assessment for Retail Survey
Insight Analytics

Responsive Business Intelligence

Decision makers now have clear, actionable visibility into the customer experience from the corporate level right down to conversations with individual customers. Banks can now improve retention by responding with "next best action" follow-up and lower costs through more efficient management of staff and operations.

Add “Click-to-Schedule” to Your Store App

With TimeTrade retailers can enhance their existing iPhone or Android store apps by adding a Click-to-Schedule button, giving customers an easy way to visit the store, speak with someone, or make an appointment for service from home or when they are shopping near your location.

Click to Schedule from Store App
Centralized Store Administration

Centralized and In-Store Administration

TimeTrade Retail scales to meet the diverse needs of regional merchants to multi-channel global retailers with thousands of locations. Retail Edition provides the flexibility to be centrally managed by corporate resources and configured by a local store manager all through the same easy-to-use administrative interface.

Retail Edition Features

  • TimeTrade Concierge In-Store Customer Flow Managment
  • Automatic Customer Queuing
  • Self-Service Customer Check-in Kiosk
  • Mobile Assisted Selling for Associates
  • In-Store Queue Display
  • Pooled Resource Scheduling
  • Smart Matching
  • Multi-Location Support
  • Location-Aware Appointments
  • Rules-Based Scheduling
  • Call Center Scheduling
  • Central Administration
  • Instant Customer Experience Surveys*
  • Responsive Business Intelligence*
  • Custom Reporting Capabilities*
  • Pre-Configured Dashboards*
  • Enterprise Class API*
  • (* Optional)