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What is TimeTrade Business Edition?

Appointment Software for Teams

Web-based Scheduling for Teams, Departments and Businesses

An online appointment scheduling solution for teams and businesses to make it fast and easy for effective conversations with prospects, clients and customers. With Business Edition it is easy for your customers and prospects to get an instantly confirmed appointment with the right representative in your company.

The TimeTrade Click to Schedule link instantly accesses Business' configurable Appointment Router. Business automatically matches the person in your company best suited to handle the request.

Scheduling for your customers and prospects

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Retail Scheduling Website

TimeTrade Instant Click-to-Schedule Appointments

Meetings drive your business, but getting them is the hard part. Your customers pick you, not the other way around. TimeTrade products make it easy for your team to be accessible 24/7 with self-service online appointment scheduling.  Using Click-to-Schedule in your emails, website, social selling campaigns or social media channels eliminates time wasted on endless back-and-forth emails and calls, and lets your team spend more time on the what’s important - supporting customers and providing sales assistance.


Connected Calendars

TimeTrade is the only online appointment scheduling solution with continuous monitoring of existing Outlook, Google or iCal calendars. By constantly checking the calendars of registered team members, Business has an always-updated inventory of the team’s individual availability. That way you’ll never have to worry about double-bookings or missed opportunities. Best of all, scheduled appointments instantly flow into team member calendars, which frees your team members up to spend more time selling or helping customers.


Online Appointment Scheduling Calendars

rules based routing scheduling software

Smart Appointment Routing

Smart Routing lets your team, or even your entire company, be available for scheduled appointments without losing control of their calendars or compromising security. The Smart Router keeps tabs on everyone’s availability preferences like the days and times they are willing to be available. Easy-to-configure rules direct appointment requests to the appropriate team member based on things like sales territory, product expertise or support role. In fact, Smart Router can be set up to match the processes you already have in place.

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Smart Matching with Business Plus

Sophisticated algorithms provide intelligent matching, analyzing the unique requirements of each customer appointment request and assigning a sales associate with the skills and experience best suited to address the customer’s needs at the time of the customer visit or call. Smart Matching is part of the APAS cloud and performs pairings dynamically, determining sales associate suitability and availability in real-time. When the scheduling process is completed, the appointment is placed on the associate’s calendar and a confirmation is sent to the customer.

Mobile Online Appointment Scheduling
online appointment scheduling for

Integrated with

Business helps you get the most out of Salesforce by letting you offer Click-to-Schedule appointments in rep emails, automated campaigns, web-to-lead forms and mass emails without ever leaving Salesforce. When an appointment is scheduled and confirmed, Business automatically creates a new activity in the lead or contact record in addition to putting the appointment on the sales rep's personal and calendars.

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Controlled Time Allocation

People have different types of meetings throughout the day that require different amounts of time, different preparation, and different availability. You may want to offer sales meetings during the week, product demos on M-W-F and in-person appointments on alternate days. TimeTrade is the only solution that provides you the flexibility to offer different types of meetings to different customers or prospects. Business' Published Availability feature allows each member of the team to specify which days and times he or she is available for appointments.



Online Appointment Scheduling Meeting Types

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation System Integrated

TimeTrade "Click to Schedule" calls-to-action create customer and prospect interaction that is crucial to capture and track. That’s why TimeTrade is fully integrated with the most popular CRM and marketing automation systems. New leads created with TimeTrade Click to Schedule get posted to your customer tracking and database systems automatically and fully adhere to your lead assignment rules.

Central Administration Console

You’ve got a team, and whether it’s 5 people in your office or 5,000 people spread across the country, effective team management is crucial to success. Business Edition gives you the ability to set up users, create grouping of users, and set up rules that control appointment routing and assignment. An analytics module lets you monitor scheduling activity on a group and individual level.