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Online Appointment Scheduling for Retail Customer Experience

The Concierge Economy

Consumers expect to be treated like a VIP during EVERY interaction.

Savvy retailers understand this trend involves constant renewal and reinforcement of a personalized service model that creates brand loyalty and fuels sales growth. PurchasePath™ lets retailers concentrate on delivering a highly personalized customer experience using the systems and staff they already have.

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The Customer Journey Begins with PurchasePath™ Appointments

Customers click-to-schedule appointments with the right associate at a time and place that is convenient to them.  Enable customers to engage with your company from a website, in a product, or even over the phone and offer the combined availability of any staff member with the right skill-set to service a customer's needs. PurchasePath Appointments works on rules-based-assignments and can access pools, or groups of resources, allowing you to tap into your inventory to give customers the personalized attention they're looking for—every time.

Online Appointment Scheduling for Retail
Assisted Shopping

Assisted Shopping

Over 74% of consumers say they buy more when helped by a knowledgeable associate. Usually, providing this level of service is a trial-and-error process that requires a lot of management effort and extra resources to create measurable results. Now you can put mobile-assisted selling technology into the hands of retail associates to make them more productive at handling interactions and creating a more informed and personalized customer experience.

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Instant Assessment

Organizations that capture “voice of the customer” feedback are twice as likely to have loyal customers that deliver repeat business. But collecting data isn’t the same as listening. Now, go beyond generalized follow-up surveys and get data on each individual customer-associate engagement that adds crucial point-of-purchase information missing from today’s live selling.

Retail Experience Software: Customer Assessment
Online appointment scheduling through any channel

Multi-Channel Delivery

PurchasePath™ unifies the customer experience across retail channels offering customers versatility in access and convenience while managing costs and profitability targets. This degree of omni-channel, “always available” engagement creates a unique feeling of client control and empowerment resulting in store and brand loyalty.

In-Store Assistance with PurchasePath™ Concierge

PurchasePath™ Concierge enables collaboration of store associates and managers, so they can easily manage store flow and know who is coming into the store and why. The result is unparalleled customer service where stores greet customers with the attitude of “we’ve been expecting you.”

Concierge for Retail
Enterprise Edition: Customer Insights & Responsive Business Intelligence


PurchasePath’s Analytics interactive analysis reveals actionable insights
 for creating exceptional customer experiences. It delivers prescriptive analytic visibility into the full path-to-purchase across marketing channels. With data drill down and powerful prescriptive analytics tools, PurchasePath Analytics shows what’s working and what’s not across a customer’s journey, from the first digital inquiry to the actual in-store purchase.

Enhancing the Customer Experience: Reducing In-Store Lines

C Spire’s retail store locations had a problem in being able to predict how many customers to expect at a particular date and time. This was especially a problem during peak shopping times, like the winter holiday season, and when new devices were launched. From the customer’s perspective, they did not want to wait in a line when they visited a store.

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C Spire delivers on customer experience

Retail Edition Features

  • TimeTrade Concierge In-Store Customer Flow Management
  • Automatic Customer Queuing
  • Self-Service Customer Check-In Kiosk
  • Mobile Assisted Selling for Associates
  • In-Store Queue Display
  • Pooled Resource Scheduling
  • Smart Matching
  • Multi-Location Support
  • Location-Aware Appointments
  • Rules-Based Scheduling
  • Call Center Scheduling
  • Central Administration
  • Instant Customer Experience Surveys*
  • Responsive Business Intelligence*
  • Custom Reporting Capabilities*
  • Pre-Configured Dashboards*
  • Enterprise Class API*
  • (* Optional)