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Integrated Academic Advising Scheduling Software

Unify your school's campus with self-service appointment scheduling.

Office hours, admissions, testing centers, financial aid,
career service and any time-scheduled activity on campus
gets easier and faster with TimeTrade Appointments’
online self-service scheduling and academic advising software.

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Get Your Students, Staff and Faculty on the Same Page with Self-Service Scheduling

TimeTrade Appointment’s web-based student appointment scheduling solutions are a great way for faculty and staff to make themselves available to students through campus websites or social media.

School Scheduling Software Solutions
Offer click to schedule office hours

Provide Office Hours at the Click of a Button

TimeTrade's Office Hours gives you the power to set up your personal office hours and let students pick a time online without any of the manual paper-based scheduling you're used to. You can put a button on your blog or website and students can simply Click-to-Schedule without you having to do a thing.

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24/7 Availability

TimeTrade Appointments’ allows anyone to
Click-to-Schedule appointments 24 hours a day. Personal calendars stay private. TimeTrade uses user-controlled “published availability” for access and appointment confirmation.

Online Scheduling is Available 24 Hours a Day
mobile scheduling for higher education

Students, Staff and Faculty Are Mobile—So Are We

TimeTrade is easy to access from any mobile device without any special software or custom app. A simple web interface runs on any mobile phone or tablet device to meet the mobile demands of today’s campus.

Automated Test Scheduling

Phone, faxing, email and “pen and paper” scheduling of thousands of student exams each term can keep an entire team of scheduling coordinators busy full-time. Automating the process with online appointment scheduling benefits both students and administrators, saving time and money.

Automated Test Scheduling Solutions