Online Appointment Scheduling for Marketing Teams

Online Appointment Scheduling Solutions

Capture and convert more leads with a web-based appointment scheduler and make the “one-call close" the rule rather than the exception.

Prospects who schedule meetings are more sales-qualified and ready for a conversation compared to traditional lead capture.

Online Appointment Scheduling Marketing Customers
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Create a Lead Funnel Express Lane with Online Appointment Scheduling

Prospects that engage by scheduling a short call for information or sales help are more qualified and ready to have a buying conversation. This shortens the sales cycle by skipping the “top” of the sales funnel and getting right to work with the selling process. TimeTrade's marketing-oriented customers routinely see increases of 25% or more in conversion-to-sale and shorten sales cycles by 40% or more.

A Lead Funnel Express Lane with Online Appointment Scheduling
How marketo is using TimeTrade

How Marketo is using TimeTrade

Play the video and watch Jim Hickey discuss how his team is using TimeTrade to drive their customer experience and cut down the calling, chasing, and waiting his team used to do when reaching out to their clients.

Put Closable Leads on the Calendars of Your Sales Team

TimeTrade's Click-to-Schedule lead generation marketing tools equip your website, outreach programs and social media dialogue with a permanent presence. When someone is ready to speak with you, they can get a confirmed appointment anytime. Appointments are automatically routed to the right person based on your lead assignment rules, and are inserted automatically into the rep's calendar.

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Sales Marketing Solutions: Rules Based Routing Scheduling Software
Click-to-Schedule Online Scheduling and Integrated CRM and Marketing Automation

Appointment CRM for Marketing Automation

TimeTrade click-to-schedule offers create customer and prospect interaction that is crucial to capture and track. That’s why TimeTrade is fully integrated with the most popular CRM and marketing automation systems. New leads created with TimeTrade click-to-schedule get posted to your customer tracking and database systems automatically.

Create Marketing Campaigns that Work

Insight allows you to optimize your inbound and outbound marketing programs to drive online appointment customer traffic, and link it to path-to-purchase success. With tight integration to TimeTrade’s Click-to-schedule and Queue Management core capabilities, marketing programs are visually correlated with appointment flow and point-of-purchase outcome. TimeTrade’s unique Appointment Quality Index KPI represents a true measuring stick of campaign effectiveness.

TimeTrade Insight for Marketing
eBook: Turn Website Leads Into Sales Meetings with Online Appointment Scheduling

Turn Website Leads Into Sales Meetings with Online Appointment Scheduling

Meetings with prospective customers are the fuel that makes the marketing machine run. But getting on a prospect’s calendar is no easy task. It can take weeks to make it happen – and many times, it doesn’t happen at all.  Download the free eBook and learn five proven ways to shorten the distance from your website to conversation with online appointment scheduling.

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