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The Agile Customer Experience

The new reality of customer engagement involves constant renewal and reinforcement of a personalized service model that creates brand loyalty and fuels sales growth. Moving customers seamlessly from online browsing to a live conversation or an in-person visit with the right associate creates the personalized journey that differentiates a brand. TimeTrade's cloud-based Responsive Engagement Platform lets organizations concentrate on delivering a highly personalized customer experience using the systems and staff they already have.

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Omnichannel Engagement

Extend existing digital marketing strategies to include an interactive engagement channel that coordinates and manages the high yield, live conversations that are essential to great personalized service. The result is sales growth, customer post-sale satisfaction, and long term customer loyalty. Use it across web, mobile, social, print and call center channels to give customers undivided attention and an always-on connection to personal service.

TimeTrade omnichannel customer engagement
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The Customer Journey Begins with

Enable customers to engage with your company from a website, in a product, or even over the phone and offer the combined availability of any staff member with the right skill-set to service a customer's needs. Click-to-Schedule works on rules-based-assignments and can access pools, or groups of resources, allowing you to tap into your inventory to give customers the personalized attention they're looking for—every time.

Assisted Shopping

Over 74% of consumers say they buy more when helped by a knowledgeable associate. Usually, providing this level of service is a trial-and-error process that requires a lot of management effort and extra resources to create measurable results. Now you can put mobile-assisted selling technology into the hands of retail associates to make them more productive at handling interactions and creating a more informed and personalized customer experience.

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Instant Assessment

Organizations that capture “voice of the customer” feedback are twice as likely to have loyal customers that deliver repeat business. But collecting data isn’t the same as listening. Now, go beyond generalized follow-up surveys and get data on each individual customer-associate engagement that adds crucial point-of-purchase information missing from today’s live selling. Customer feedback is converted into actionable, context-sensitive engagement follow-up that ensures long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Responsive Business Intelligence

Decision makers now have clear, actionable visibility into the customer experience from the corporate level right down to conversations with individual customers. TimeTrade’s Appointment Quality Index™ (AQI) is the industry’s only quantifiable measure of the customer-associate engagement by correlating live in-store and online data with scheduled appointments and walk-in traffic. Organizations can now improve satisfaction by responding with “next best action” follow-up which also lowers costs through better and more efficient management of staff and operations.

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