Retail Banking

Banking by Appointment

Make it fast and easy for customers to schedule in-branch or phone appointments with your bank.

Create an exceptional customer experience, streamline multi-channel delivery, and deepen your share of wallet opportunities

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Banking by Appointment

Banking by Appointment revolutionizes the ways in which banks interact and engage with their customers.  By empowering consumers and businesses to book in-branch or phone appointments through bank websites, email loyalty campaigns, online banking products and social media sites, retail financial services organizations greatly improve customer experiences, loyalty and revenue opportunities.

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Exceptional Banking Customer Experience

Exceptional and Personal Customer Experience

Banks, credit unions and other retail financial services providers increasingly value the connection between strong customer experience and their bottom line.  One-to-one appointments with customers, by phone or in-branch, provide banks the greatest means to deliver a uniquely personal banking service, build trust, and retain clients.

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Streamline and Manage Multi-Channel Delivery

Appointment scheduling unifies service delivery across retail channels offering customers versatility in access and convenience while managing costs and profitability targets.  This degree of multi-channel, “always available” engagement creates a unique feeling of client control and empowerment resulting in stronger relationships, and increased cross-selling opportunities.

Multi-Channel Delivery
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Bring the Mobile Web to Your Customers

TimeTrade OneMobile™ helps banks meet the growing demand for mobile delivery by rendering a modern “touch” web interface for appointment scheduling across all existing and future phone, tablet, MAC or PC devices.  Built-in geolocation functionality directs them to the nearest branch for their appointment - without the need to download an app.

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Improve Call Center Quality and Operations

Call centers handle thousands of calls per day and can keep an entire team of scheduling coordinators busy full-time trying to match clients with the right banking resource. Appointment scheduling automates the process by empowering call center staff to instantly locate and book customer appointments with the right banking professional, saving time and money and providing a dramatically superior customer experience.

Increase banking call center quality
Insight Analytics for Banking

Boost Branch Performance With Responsive Business Intelligence

Decision makers now have clear, actionable visibility into the customer experience from the corporate level right down to conversations with individual customers.  Banks can now improve retention by responding with “next best action” follow-up and lower costs through more efficient management of staff and operations.

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Retail Edition Features

  • TimeTrade Concierge In-Store Customer Flow Management
  • Automatic Customer Queuing
  • Self-Service Customer Check-in Kiosk
  • Mobile Assisted Selling for Associates
  • In-Store Queue Display
  • Pooled Resource Scheduling
  • Smart Matching
  • Multi-Location Support
  • Location-Aware Appointments
  • Rules-Based Scheduling
  • Call Center Scheduling
  • Central Administration
  • Instant Customer Experience Surveys*
  • Responsive Business Intelligence*
  • Custom Reporting Capabilities*
  • Pre-Configured Dashboards*
  • Enterprise Class API*
  • (* Optional)