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Increase Sales Bookings Instantly with PurchasePath™ Online Appointment Scheduling

Start spending more of your time selling and less of the day calling, chasing, and waiting. Increase sales bookings up to 28%, 40% faster time-to-close, and increase the reps reaching quota by 25%.

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More Sales – No Additional Reps

51% of a sales rep’s day is taken up by non-sales activity. This destroys efficiency and keeps teams from living up to their full quota potential. Eliminating outbound calling at key “pivot points” in the sales cycle, and replacing it with email that contain Click-to-Schedule actions or social selling techniques eliminates non-productive activity and leaves more time for live sales conversations.

Online Scheduling Software for More Sales
Appointments through Salesforce


Put to work generating PurchasePath’s appointment scheduling. PurchasePath fully integrates with by routing new appointments to the right sales rep, and updating the contact or account record with a new activity. At the same time, the appointment is also put on the reps personal Outlook, Google, or iCal calendar.

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Turn Prospecting Emails Into Sales Meetings

Getting on a prospect’s calendar is no easy task. It can take weeks and an average of 6.5 outbound calls to make it happen. And many times, it doesn’t happen at all. Download the free eBook and learn 13 proven ways eliminate outbound calling and replace it with
Click-to-Schedule outreach.

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Click-to-Schedule - Online Scheduling Results

PurchasePath™ Appointments Yields Immediate Results

PurchasePath allows customers to Click-to-Schedule appointment 24/7 making it a prospecting tool that can be put to work right away on a website, in personal and campaign e-mails, and social media or social selling outreach. Giving prospects the ability to choose their own time for a sales conversation increases call connect rates by 31%.