Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling

Provide your prospects and customers the high quality human-to-human connections they expect.

More than 500 enterprises and 30k businesses rely on TimeTrade to deliver highly personal customer interactions

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Lake Michigan Credit Union uses TimeTrade Reserve with Google to connect with prospects at the peak of their interest, converting web searches to in-branch traffic with scheduled appointments.

TimeTrade drives lead generation for many industries, helping credit unions like LMCU secure over 2,300 self-scheduled appointments in the first 8 months of which nearly 85% were new opportunities.

animation showing the process of booking through Reserve with Google

Sephora acquires new customers by equipping store associates with the Concierge Mobile App preparing them for customer visits by giving them mobile, one-stop access to all of their appointment details for the day, including who they’re meeting with and why.

Appointment-driven personalization from knowledgeable experts turns browsers into buyers and customers into brand ambassadors.

A leading wealth management company increases advisor productivity and improves customer retention by scheduling personalized appointments at key milestones throughout the customer lifecycle.

Putting the control back in the customer's hands to schedule appointments at their convenience, eliminates frustration of back-and-forth emails, reduces cancelations and improves conversion rates.

workflow of TimeTrade Scheduler for Salesforce

Scheduler Capabilities

TimeTrade Scheduler is the most advanced online appointment scheduling and on-location real-time queue management platform in the world. Instantly deployable, it meets the diverse customer engagement needs of the world’s largest and most successful businesses. Modular, secure and easy to integrate, TimeTrade helps businesses capture customer interest and exceed expectations with appointment-driven personalization.

Because Results Matter

Intelligent Appointment Scheduling is a proven, highly profitable piece of the experience puzzle, allowing brands to convert customer interest at its peak to deliver highly personalized interactions.

150%+ Return on Investment

Increase appointments scheduled, appointment show-rate, and revenue per appointment results for 150-300% ROI.

15% Boost in store traffic

Appointment scheduling and queue management are proven to increase the flow of high-value store traffic as measured by appointment volume and spend per visit.

90%+ Improve Show Rate

Increase customer show rates to more than 90%+ with automated, personalized notifications and reminders.

70% Growth in Appointment Volume

Increase for in-store appointments versus traditional appointment scheduling methods.

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