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Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling

A simpler, faster way to engage with your customers at every stage.

There’s an easier way to connect with your customers

Does scheduling meetings with your customers feel like an endless game of bingo? Time is wasted, your prospects and clients get frustrated – or worse – go elsewhere, and opportunities are lost.

Here’s the good news: There’s a better way!

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See how leading brands use TimeTrade to engage with customers throughout the buyer's journey


Sephora uses Reserve with Google to connect with customers at the peak of their interest, converting web searches to in-store traffic with scheduled appointments.

Timetrade drives lead generation for many industries and helps retailers like Sephora secure more in-store appointments, which are shown to have conversation rates over 3 times that of walk-ins.

Lowe's acquires new customers by offering them the ability to book a consultation with a design consultant right from their website.

Appointment-driven personalization from knowledgeable experts turns browsers into buyers, and customers into brand ambassadors.

Amplify Credit Union retains customers by making it easy for them to book meetings with busy loan officers.

Putting the control back in the customer's hands to schedule appointments at their convenience, eliminates frustration of back-and-forth emails and voicemail tag, reduces cancelations and improves conversion rates.

Why Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling

Intelligent online appointment scheduling helps leading brands optimize engagement through all phases of the customer relationship—helping sales, marketing and customer service & support teams in any industry to connect and engage with prospects, customers and clients more quickly and easily than ever. Intelligent online scheduling can be integrated into almost any channel, allowing prospects and customers to make meetings and appointments at the peak of their interest.

Placing a “schedule an appointment” button on your organization’s website makes it easy for prospects and customers to schedule and confirm online appointments, at their convenience. These conversations enabled by artificial intelligence deliver the personalized attention expected by today’s on-demand consumers.

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