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Waiting For Branches To Go Away? Don’t Hold Your Breath…

Financial Brand

In TimeTrade’s 2017 “State of Credit Unions” survey, nearly half of all respondents (46%) say they visit a credit union branch once a month or more. One in four visit roughly five times during the past year. Online and mobile channels may promise 24/7 convenience, but credit union members still prefer visiting their local branch.

How to Capture Customers At Their Peak Of Interest

Demand Gen Report

Because we live in a 24-7-365, “always on” world, sales organizations face steep hurdles connecting with a prospect at the right time. But how you respond makes a huge difference in the customer’s experience and ultimately your chance of closing the deal.

Why retailers should focus on the check in, not the check out

Digital Commerce 360

According to a survey by TimeTrade, a customer engagement firm, stores left a potential $150 billion in revenue on the table in 2016 by failing to offer personalization! Respondents said they would have increased their in-store spending by an average of 5% if they received better, personalized service.

Over 72% of people prefer shopping in stores to e-commerce


The report titled 'The State of Retail 2017' is based on a survey conducted by TimeTrade. It says that 49 per cent of shoppers would consider leaving the store if there were no associate to help them in the dressing room.

How I Got Suckered Into Buying Exactly What I Wanted

The Buzz Bin

Not only does personalization benefit retail brands by improving sales, but today’s consumers demand it. TimeTrade suggests that U.S. retail stores that failed to personalize left $150 billion in potential revenue on the table in 2016.

New Consumer Survey Has Good News for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers


TimeTrade recently conducted a survey of 2,000 consumers, asking in-depth questions regarding their perceptions and behaviors around retail shopping. The State of Retail 2017 report shows that one of the major missing ingredients for brick-and-mortar retail success is stores' failure to provide customers with the personalized shopping experience they crave.

Personalize Your Shoppers’ Retail Experiences (Infographic)

Marketing Profs

Customers are looking for personalized experiences, and retail brands that fail to provide those experiences are losing out big time, says an infographic released by TimeTrade.

How To Create A ‘We’ve Been Expecting You’ Service Experience


Eighty-five percent of customers buy more when they receive personalized service. That stat is compliments of TimeTrade, provider of the leading SaaS solution for appointment-driven personalization. Personalization is a trend that’s growing in all kinds of businesses. Customers want to be recognized and remembered. They want you to sell to them and service them based on their needs and past experiences. 

Kate Spade to test new data-driven technologies in stores


A new research report from TimeTrade, the customer scheduling and queue management system, has found that brick and mortar retail can still survive. And thrive. And those who are at the forefront of the evolution of retail will dominate the market in the next few years.

Retailers losing big bucks by not getting personal, reveals survey

Retail Customer Experience

Retailers could boost revenue by 5 percent if they stepped up their game when it comes to customer experience and providing personalized service. In fact, as a new TimeTrade survey reveals, millennials are willing to pay up to 20 percent more for a better retail experience.

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