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TimeTrade CMO Discusses Value Of Webinars In Account-Based Strategies
Demand Gen Report
In an interview with Demand Gen Report, TimeTrade CMO Lauren Mead discussed how her team utilizes webinars within their marketing mix to engage target accounts throughout the funnel. She also shared insights into how her team creates webinar content and how engagement compares with other content formats.

Scheduling App Powers Strong New Loan Stats For Credit Union
The Financial Brand
Siloed systems, plus high branch traffic, led to frustrated members and staff at a Midwestern institution. An online scheduling system was added to improve customer experience, and did, but an unexpected byproduct was a big boost in new accounts and new loans from both current members and a surprising number of prospects.

2019 Technology Preview: Exclusive Tech Forecast From 13 Industry Experts
Retail TouchPoints
For the seventh annual Retail TouchPoints Technology Preview, 13 leading industry experts - including TimeTrade Chief Marketing Officer, Lauren Mead - forecast the most important retail technologies and trends for 2019.

Live From ONWARD18: How To Create A Truly Personalized Retail Experience
GeoMarketing from Yext
In this episode, Cimarron Buser, SVP business development at TimeTrade, explains why everyone visiting a retailer, financial institution, or healthcare provider should have a “we’ve been expecting you” customer experience — and what marketers can do to provide it.

Delivering Personalization At Scale With Tech And Intelligence
ABM In Action
Effective marketers will begin layering intent data on top of the demographic, firmographic and engagement information they have today, helping to create more relevant and timely matches between sellers and buyers. At TimeTrade leveraging all this data in a more systematic way, through account scoring, will a big a big focus for early 2019.

The store is still a winning strategy. Here’s why
Retail Customer Experience
Physical retail is thriving. The National Retail Federation's Consumer View report shows nearly four out of five (79 percent) consumers are shopping at brick and mortar stores. This includes millennials and Generation Z. Just 34 percent of these demographics are online-only shoppers. But simply having a store doesn't guarantee success. The brands and retailers who succeed will adapt and embrace the changing role of physical retail, and use the store to their advantage.

How And When To Delegate – And Why We Don’t
In our daily lives, one of the most repeated phrases is “I don’t have time.” We know we “should” be doing certain things to advance our careers or businesses, or be healthier and happier, but we just can’t find the time to do them. Here are steps to assess your time and free some up for projects that move your career forward faster and/or improve your quality of life.

Container Store tracks appointments with voice tech
Retail Dive
Voice technology is now being used by sales associates at The Container Store to keep updated on closet design appointments. The conversational computing platform from Theatro works together with a smart scheduling solution from TimeTrade to help the retailer and its closet designers manage the chain's approximately 16,000 monthly appointments and decrease the possibility of missing appointments and disappointing customers. This is the first implementation of its kind.

How to Crush These Five Stubborn Barriers to Setting High-value Meetings
Selling Power
Today’s post is by Deidre Moore, director of demand generation at TimeTrade, where she devises new ways to save the world from bad meetings while making the process for setting appointments easier and more productive for all.

TimeTrade CMO Discusses Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $6M In Pipeline
Demand Gen Report
The Demand Gen Report's monthly blog series, "Behind the Marketing" spotlights a cool, eye-catching and thought-provoking campaign or project — and the marketers behind them. September featured Lauren Mead, CMO of TimeTrade, discussing the company’s "Selling is a Team Sport" campaign, which used direct mail to accelerate sales conversations and convert target accounts.