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Container Store tracks appointments with voice tech
Retail Dive
Voice technology is now being used by sales associates at The Container Store to keep updated on closet design appointments. The conversational computing platform from Theatro works together with a smart scheduling solution from TimeTrade to help the retailer and its closet designers manage the chain's approximately 16,000 monthly appointments and decrease the possibility of missing appointments and disappointing customers. This is the first implementation of its kind.

How to Crush These Five Stubborn Barriers to Setting High-value Meetings
Selling Power
Today’s post is by Deidre Moore, director of demand generation at TimeTrade, where she devises new ways to save the world from bad meetings while making the process for setting appointments easier and more productive for all.

TimeTrade CMO Discusses Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $6M In Pipeline
Demand Gen Report
The Demand Gen Report's monthly blog series, "Behind the Marketing" spotlights a cool, eye-catching and thought-provoking campaign or project — and the marketers behind them. September featured Lauren Mead, CMO of TimeTrade, discussing the company’s "Selling is a Team Sport" campaign, which used direct mail to accelerate sales conversations and convert target accounts.

3 Facts About B2B Buyer Experience You’re Probably Ignoring
Sales Hacker
Industry research consistently shows that buyers want the same easy experience they now routinely enjoy in their private life. Given these trends, it can be easy to draw the conclusion that buyers no longer need or want a “human” touch when making a purchase. In the world of B2B sales, the conventional thinking has become especially stark. A number of industry pundits have even gone so far as to presage “the death of the B2B salesman.” We wanted to move beyond the rhetoric and take a more quantitative approach to understand what today’s buyers want from seller organizations.

TimeTrade: Intelligent Appointment Booking Done Right
Last year, TimeTrade’s platform booked over 100 million appointments for the buying public, which represents approximately 500 enterprise customers. As their Google partnership continues to grow, Ambrosino said, it has the potential to take the company from making 100 million appointments annually to more than half a billion.

How BlackRock Reinvented Its Internal Sales Desk
For BlackRock’s sales desk to expand its reach and become more efficient, it first had to add more of everything: more internals to drive sales and connect with advisors; more data to better segment advisors; and more technology to make conversations and sales to the point. BlackRock uses a system called TimeTrade, where advisors can plug in the times they want to meet with an internal wholesaler via a teleconference, and the subject matter they want to discuss.

Waiting For Branches To Go Away? Don’t Hold Your Breath…
Financial Brand
In TimeTrade’s 2017 “State of Credit Unions” survey, nearly half of all respondents (46%) say they visit a credit union branch once a month or more. One in four visit roughly five times during the past year. Online and mobile channels may promise 24/7 convenience, but credit union members still prefer visiting their local branch.

How to Capture Customers At Their Peak Of Interest
Demand Gen Report
Because we live in a 24-7-365, “always on” world, sales organizations face steep hurdles connecting with a prospect at the right time. But how you respond makes a huge difference in the customer’s experience and ultimately your chance of closing the deal.

Why retailers should focus on the check in, not the check out
Digital Commerce 360
According to a survey by TimeTrade, a customer engagement firm, stores left a potential $150 billion in revenue on the table in 2016 by failing to offer personalization! Respondents said they would have increased their in-store spending by an average of 5% if they received better, personalized service.

Over 72% of people prefer shopping in stores to e-commerce
The report titled 'The State of Retail 2017' is based on a survey conducted by TimeTrade. It says that 49 per cent of shoppers would consider leaving the store if there were no associate to help them in the dressing room.