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Appirio Did Something! Oooo!

Salesforce Times

"Recently Appirio's taken another step by partnering up with TimeTrade to offer it's custom scheduling application on the App Exchange..."

TimeTrade, Appirio Team Up for App

"Sales professionals 'will be able to use Salesforce to invite and confirm appointments with customers,' ... the integration with Salesforce is being co-developed with Appirio."

CloudNews for October 29th/2008

Cloud Ave

"'The solution will also cut administrative costs and the time required to book sales appointments. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Appirio on this project and future opportunities.' said Ed Mallen, CEO of TimeTrade Systems."

Dreamforce 2008 Partner Preview: TimeDriver

Demand Blog

"How cool is that! The immediate, obvious use is as a great addition to the email signature line of a salesperson who is looking to book appointments ... I was also struck by how amazing it would have been to incorporate this simple link into an email campaign I had just sent out... Do you want to hear the best part? It costs less than $30 per user. Per Year. With a 90 day free trial."

More About On-Line Scheduling

Biz Tips for Coaches

"TimeDriver is not only a way for clients to schedule with you, it is a scheduling promotion system through the use of invitations and easy-access buttons."

Salesforce Gets TimeDriver


"Bedford, MA-based TimeTrade, which makes a personal appointment scheduling system called TimeDriver, is expected to announce tomorrow that its software has been integrated with’s suite of Web-based customer relationship management applications."

Medical Software News 8th Sept – 6th Sept.

An Ozzie in Boston

"John Halamka was mentioned in the WSJ Healthcare Marketwatch today, when he gave the new PA scheduler TimeDriver his 'Cool Technology of the Week' award. The software is like a facebook app for your calendar. So you can get everyone to use just that calendar to organize meetings with you. It’s free for the first 90 days, so give it a try."

TimeDriver is GeekDoctor’s “Cool Technology of the Week”

Life as a Healthcare CIO

"Since Outlook invitations, random proposed times, and constant back and forth among assistants can be problematic, is there a creative IT solution to help with scheduling a meeting? [TimeDriver] is a cool idea that is a kind of self service social networking application for appointment scheduling. I like this concept a great deal, since I'm a real fan of web-based self service applications."

Let the Web Broker Your Time

Mariner Voices

"[There's] been a plethora of sites to help with organization, and lately there has been a strong emphasis on time brokering. For people who have to schedule a lot of one-on-one meetings — either for personal or professional reasons — a site like TimeDriver could be a great help."

SAAS Scheduling App Syncs with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook

"Like, Zoho Applications or Google Apps, TimeDriver is designed to run on the Internet, instead of making professionals download yet another application that will clutter their already overburdened PCs. ... I imagine the application would be a dream for salespeople who have already gone to the cloudy side by embracing, SugarCRM or other hosted SAAS applications. And you can't beat free."

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