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CRM: Your Personal Digital Assistant – New offerings can make your sales reps more productive

Destination CRM

"Despite the advance of technology, salespeople continue to face one big challenge: simply connecting with customers or prospects. Call a prospect, and what do you get? Voicemail, most of the time. Email a customer to schedule an appointment, and you end up playing tag before agreeing on a time to talk. It would be great if we had personal assistants to do the connecting tasks for our reps, but that can be cost-prohibitive. So is this just the way of life? Not necessarily."

TimeTrade targets consumers to sell self-service scheduling to enterprises


"Betting that personal adoption of software applications often drives their use in business, TimeTrade Systems (DEMO 08) will offer in late July the first, free 'bite-size' version of its enterprise scheduling software, called TimeDriver, to consumers who want to stop volleying emails and telephone calls to set up business and personal appointments."

Set Your Brand Apart with Web-Based Scheduling

Manage Smarter

"[According to] sales consulting firm CSO Insights ... how you sell is becoming more important than what you sell. ... Web-based scheduling can differentiate you from your competitors by delivering a more customer-friendly experience. And it easily translates to repeat business by leveraging preferences through a call-to-action that incents the customer to buy again."

Massage Therapist Heals Business Woes With Web-based Scheduling

Retail Solutions Online

"By leveraging TimeTrade for self-service scheduling from his website, Freedman has seen his company flourish. With the ability to schedule online at any time of the day or night, clients have booked more sessions, increasing revenue and enabling Freedman to open another facility and add more therapists."

Time to Work Out [sidebar]

Campus Technology magazine

"Not every scheduling software package has to be enterprise-wide, or even complex. Kristen Miller, director of the fitness center at Northeastern University (MA), uses a scheduling tool from TimeTrade Systems to enable online signup for fitness classes. The center schedules up to 1,000 appointments a week..."

Simplification Of Service-Oriented Retailing

Integrated Solutions for Retailers

"Proex Portraits, a division of Ritz Camera, understands the importance of consumer scheduling software in a service business. Last fall, in anticipation of the ultrabusy holiday season, Proex Portraits implemented a new appointment scheduling system to make more efficient use of resources, including photographers, studios, and camera and lighting equipment...Beyond the improved management of appointments internally, Proex Portraits is finding the tool useful as a customer service driver. "Using software to manage appointments allows us to capture and get a complete view of valuable information on customer needs," says Engblom. "When stores were handling the task individually, we had no chain-wide view ..."

Maximum Mobility

Sales and Marketing Management Magazine

"'If I need, in the course of my day—whether I'm a salesperson or otherwise to schedule time with somebody or some party, to be able to do so through a selfservice interface is a tremendous efficiency gain,' says Chris Murphy, TimeTrade's vice president of sales. 'It alleviates the need for me to even deal with anybody [and engage in] phone tag and all of the back and-forth that's typically involved with getting some kind of an appointment.'"

Take a (Virtual) Number

S&MM Soundoff - blog

"Learn how the move toward Web-based appointment scheduling ultimately benefits both rep and client. Let's turn the floor over to Chris Murphy, TimeTrade's vice president of sales. Below are four hard-to-argue-with points from Chris in favor of the automated approach ..."

Halt! Who Goes There?

Government Security News

"Ninety-five percent of respondents stated that they would recommend self-service appointment scheduling to others. Reasons offered included ease of use, efficient use of their time and the elimination of unpredictable, in-person wait times. One user said, 'Making an electronic appointment for a CAC card expedites the process. It has taken me no more than 15 minutes from the time of my arrival to completion.'"

Web Technology Transforms Appointment Scheduling

Integrated Solutions for Retailers

"TimeTrade surveys show that 88% of businesses leveraging Web-based appointment scheduling cite happier customers, 77% report increased revenues, and 75% point to reduced costs..."

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