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Maximum Mobility
Sales and Marketing Management Magazine

"'If I need, in the course of my day—whether I'm a salesperson or otherwise to schedule time with somebody or some party, to be able to do so through a selfservice interface is a tremendous efficiency gain,' says Chris Murphy, TimeTrade's vice president of sales. 'It alleviates the need for me to even deal with anybody [and engage in] phone tag and all of the back and-forth that's typically involved with getting some kind of an appointment.'"

Halt! Who Goes There?
Government Security News

"Ninety-five percent of respondents stated that they would recommend self-service appointment scheduling to others. Reasons offered included ease of use, efficient use of their time and the elimination of unpredictable, in-person wait times. One user said, 'Making an electronic appointment for a CAC card expedites the process. It has taken me no more than 15 minutes from the time of my arrival to completion.'"

Take a (Virtual) Number
S&MM Soundoff - blog

"Learn how the move toward Web-based appointment scheduling ultimately benefits both rep and client. Let's turn the floor over to Chris Murphy, TimeTrade's vice president of sales. Below are four hard-to-argue-with points from Chris in favor of the automated approach ..."

Web Technology Transforms Appointment Scheduling
Integrated Solutions for Retailers

"TimeTrade surveys show that 88% of businesses leveraging Web-based appointment scheduling cite happier customers, 77% report increased revenues, and 75% point to reduced costs..."

Scheduling your time: TimeTrade’s TimeDriver focus on personal scheduling
Network World

"The new service, TimeDriver, allows individuals to offer defined windows in their calendars for others to book time..."

Ritz Camera Plans Ahead for a Great Experience
1to1 Weekly

"Most people see scheduling an appointment as a necessary chore. But Ritz Camera sees it as an opportunity to create a personalized customer experience while improving operational efficiencies. ..."

New Products and Services Announcements
New Communications Review

"TimeTrade Systems, a self-service appointment scheduling company, recently introduced the first on-demand solution designed to enable individuals to easily and automatically book a steady flow of appointments with prospects and customers through a single email outreach or Web site visit..."

At DEMO, Tech For Creating Content–And Managing It All
Information Week

"TimeTrade introduced TimeDriver, an application aimed at individual users. It can be used by salespeople and others to automatically book appointments with multiple contacts via a single e-mail message..."

DEMO 08 Day One Wrap-Up
PC World

"I liked TimeDriver, a service that lets people whose work involves around appointments offer a self-serve, Web-based method for folks to schedule meetings with them...the execution looked really well done."

DEMO 08 Highlights, Sidelights, and Lowlights
PC World

"TimeDriver is a free service that lets people add a Web-based self-service scheduling widget to Web pages and e-mails. It's not a new idea, but the interface and integration with Outlook and Google Calendar look extremely slick..."