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20 DEMO Products That Matter To VARs
ChannelWeb Network

"TimeTrade offers a Web-based tool that allows sales and service professionals to fill up as much or as little of their schedules as they want, automatically and with one click of the mouse..."

At DEMO, Business Organization Becomes The Key
Information Week

"[TimeDriver is] designed to eliminate tiresome back-and-forth e-mail threads in search of compatible dates and times..."

DEMO 2008

"In a typical week, I have about 20 meetings with people outside my company, each easily necessitating three or four emails to setup. TimeDriver eliminates that mail and opens my calendar to the people who want to get on my schedule. It's simple to use and delivers tremendous value. For professionals whose business inventory is time, TimeDriver is an invaluable tool to market and manage a schedule..."

Demo 08 sees wikis, translation and sales tools unveiled

"Sales people know that the easier you make it for your customer the better chance you have to sell them something. So, instead of a going through the painful process of multiple back and forth emails in order to find a mutually agreeable time for an appointment, TimeTrade embeds a schedule button in email to ease the pain of making appointments..."

Demo08: “We’re Not Just Conference Producers, We’re Consumers”
PC Magazine

"Timedriver is a web site that lets you emded a "schedule now" button in emails or web pages that lets the people you invite schedule meetings with you..."

19 Startups in Two Hours

"This software could be a boon for people who are tired of the constant e-mail back-and-forth just to hash out meeting times..."

Old Scheduling Dog Shows DEMO A New Trick
Information Week

"New TimeDriver application incorporates the know-how gained from that business, but presented as a new software-as-a-service application for personal use. In other words, no IT department required...

TimeDriver finds time for appointments

"TimeDriver is a service for appointment management. I have a deep interest in this category of apps, since coordinating the scheduling of demos and interviews is one of the least pleasant parts of my job. In the good old days, I had an assistant for this..."

DEMO 08 Showcases Small Business Innovations

"Scheduling meetings is hard enough within a company – it’s even harder when dealing with customers and suppliers. TimeDriver aims to make it easier ..."

GigaNET DEMO Coverage

"Also unveiled today were TimeDriver, an app for folks who have to make multiple one-on-one appointments with different people across pre-determined available blocks of time..."