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Survey: Big disconnect between retailers, consumers in play

Retail Customer Experience

The physical retail store experience rates tops in terms of retailer focus but personalizing the experience is not getting as much attention

Retailers’ personalization efforts fall short of consumer expectations

Luxury Daily

When it comes to personalization, retailers’ ideas of their own capabilities are often inflated when compared to consumers’ assessments.

Study: Customer experience falling short


Despite improvements in the targeting of advertisements and retailers' ability to personalize websites and recommendations, the average consumer still feels their shopping experience isn't all it could be.

The Retail Store Of The Future Will Connect The IoT In The Cloud


While e-commerce has attracted customers with a broader selection of products, lower prices and convenience, the importance of stores and store associates cannot be undervalued — especially when 85 percent of consumers still prefer to shop at physical stores, according to a survey by TimeTrade.

Study: Retail personalization efforts not connecting with shoppers

Chain Store Age

Despite all the attention being given to retail customization and personalization, most consumers see their shopping journeys as marred by inconsistency and impersonal service offerings.

Bricks or Clicks? Which Banking Channel Do Consumers Want More?

The Financial Brand

Consumers today still crave one-to-one attention from their banking providers, and have a strong preference for in-person assistance when making major financial decisions such as first-home mortgages. That’s according to a study from TimeTrade.

The Complexity of Millennial Marketing


Millennials' effect on the U.S. economy is only growing stronger. According to the Brookings Institute, Millennials will make up more than one-third of the country's adult population by the year 2020. Additionally, Millennials as a group are maturing, their wallet share is increasing, and they cannot be ignored.

In-Store Shoppers Want A More Personalized Experience

Mad Mobile News

For retailers running brick-and-mortar locations, there’s good news for 2016: Most consumers don’t plan to decrease how often they shop in-store. But that comes with a catch: Those same shoppers will be on the lookout for a more personalized shopping experience, and they’re likely to gravitate to brands catering to these specific needs.

Beyond walls: How retailers can bring back the magic of shopping

Retail Dive

Brick-and-mortar retail isn’t going away. That seems obvious. Even as mobile continues to loom large and e-commerce in general grows—some 20% at the holidays this year by some measures—let’s remember that Americans still shop in stores some 95% of the time.

Consumers expect top-tier service and will take leave if retailers fail to deliver

Retail Customer Experience

Consumers still favor the in-store shopping environment, which is great news for pure-play brick and mortars, but true optimization from the trend isn’t going to happen unless customer experience is the best it can be. A new TimeTrade survey reveals customers expect better customer experience and there’s a disconnect between that expectation and what retailers are providing.

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