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How to Convert Leads at the Bottom of your Sales Funnel

Before It's News

Studies show that email marketing still converts, but many businesses are failing to convert prospects in their email sales funnel. These leads have already expressed an interest in your brand, so it’s not difficult to reach them.

Online Shopping Is Transitioning to a More Touchy-Feely Model


Our society loves immediacy and frictionless buying, two qualities that are heavily reflected in our consumer habits. Popularized by Amazon, one-click online shopping and next-day delivery are now common practice for most major retailers. That type of down-and-dirty transactional purchasing is ideal for everyday staples like laundry detergent and diapers.

Banks Frustrate Consumers Who Want a More Personal Experience

Financial Brand

Consumers — particularly Millennials — still require knowledgeable, personalized assistance when making banking decisions, but research reveals a disconnect between consumer expectations and the experience banks deliver
Subscribe TodayA massive study gauging consumers’ wants, behaviors and attitudes about banks shows there is a stark gap with the experience retail financial institutions are delivering. The survey, fielded by TimeTrade, examined the banking habits and perceptions of more than 1,000 banking customers in the U.S.

Why You Should Say No to Monday Meetings


Mondays aren't usually the favorite day of the week for nine-to-fivers. How can we make them a little better? Certainly not by scheduling a meeting. Or worse, the meeting to talk about some future meeting!

Five Tips to Improve the In-Store Experience

Chain Store Age

Today, more and more consumers have already done their homework when they walk into a store. They come armed with knowledge around product features, pricing and competitors’ offerings and expect store associates to be mind readers. To know when and how they want to be approached in the store, what other products might interest them and even their past buying behavior.

Five Questions Retailers Should Address To Improve The In-Store Experience

Retail TouchPoints

There’s no shortage of interest in the rise of mobile and online shopping, but the truth of the matter is that brick-and-mortar stores continue to dominate the retail space. TimeTrade recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 consumers and found that 87% of respondents said they plan to shop in stores in 2015 at least as often as they did in 2014.

6 Strategies That Save You More in the Store

U.S. News & World Report

With retail headlines touting the power of mobile shopping and offering ways to compete with online retailers, you might think in-store shopping is on the decline. However, a recent study of over 1,000 consumers from TimeTrade, a customer engagement consulting firm, found that many shoppers across generations still prefer the in-store experience to other options. In fact, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed prefer to shop in store when a desired product is available both online and in the store.

Mastering The Data-Driven Customer Experience

Retail TouchPoints

Delivering superior customer service has been a focus for retailers since the dawn of modern shopping. We’ve all heard the phrase, “the customer is always right,” an indicator of the importance retailers put on delivering an excellent shopping experience. After all, a happy customer means a loyal customer, which in turn, means more sales.

Could these digital shopping assistants replace retail sales associates?

Business Insider

Facebook is developing its own digital assistant called Moneypenny, which will directly rival on-demand concierge service, Magic. Now, Scratch has entered the ring, with an app aimed at connecting consumers with real people to help them buy products and services online. The Boston-based startup recently raised $3.6 million, reports TechCrunch. However, one major difference that sets Scratch apart is the claim that its prices are the same as purchasing from a retailer, charging no additional fees for delivery. Scratch also offers a “Best Price Promise,” meaning that if a customer finds a lower price online within 30 days of purchasing on Scratch, they will refund the difference. It is also available on the web, in addition to its mobile app.

Reacting to Reactions


Trying to entice customers to purchase products from a remote source isn’t anything new. In the glory days of printed catalogs, retail giants like Sears, Roebuck & Co. started out selling a small selection of merchandise and expanded their offerings to include a wealth of products ranging from tools to clothing to entire homes. L.L.Bean founded its retail kingdom selling boots by mail order.

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