TimeTrade Announces Immediate Availability of Essential Banking Package for Rapid COVID-19 Response

With Branches Closed, and Consumers and Businesses in Need of Urgent Financial Assistance, Banks and Credit Unions Can Leverage Appointment Scheduling to Provide Fast, Frictionless Service

BOSTON, MA – April 2, 2020 – TimeTrade, the leader in Intelligent Appointment Scheduling, today launched the Essential Banking Package. The new offering, which can be rolled out in just hours, helps banks and credit unions immediately solve the challenges of COVID-19 with industry-leading appointment scheduling solutions.

The Essential Banking Package enables retail banks and credit unions to immediately offer their customers virtual or in-person appointments at a time when walking into the branch on-demand is not possible. Consumers are looking for help with everything from loans and mortgages to access to safety deposit boxes, and for many, going to the branch during normal business hours was how they previously conducted those transactions. Intelligent Appointment Scheduling provides banks and credit unions a clear call to action, alleviating consumer confusion about how they should interact with their bank when branches are closed.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous financial pressure on consumers as well as businesses.  As trusted financial advisors, banks and credit unions must make sure we are easily accessible to our clients, now more than ever. Online Appointment Scheduling has been a proven customer engagement model that has only increased in value during today’s economic climate,” said Scott Chamberlin, SVP, Head of Innovation Banking at Cambridge Trust.

The Essential Banking Package is available in two versions: Remote Only for virtual appointments, or Remote Plus Branch for both virtual and in-person meetings. Financial institutions that deploy the new offering will join the more than 200 banks and credit unions that already entrust TimeTrade to:

  • Provide Fast, Frictionless and Safe Banking Services
    Branch lobbies are no longer open for walk-in service, but many customers still require a personal touch. In addition, some are confused about how to engage with their bank when lobby doors are closed. Online appointment scheduling can be offered via a website, mobile app, social media channel or marketing campaigns as an effective call-to-action. For those who are still offering a limited number of in-person slots, appointment capacity can be capped to follow social distancing best practices.
  • Handle Significantly Increased Customer Demand with Ease
    The 30 million-plus small businesses in America have a significant and immediate need for financial relief. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES), signed into law on March 27th, will drive high volumes of inbound inquiries to banks and credit unions. Intelligent Appointment Scheduling makes it easy for business owners to connect with loan officers to apply for and access emergency funding.
  • Reduce Call Center Volume
    Directing customers to book appointments online reduces the demand on already stressed call center staff. For customers who do call, reps will have the ability to instantly schedule customer appointments in-branch, by phone or virtually with the right banking professional to handle the transaction. These steps will also reduce time on-hold and improve call resolution results.

“The current pandemic is stressing the nation’s entire workforce, but COVID-19 has put banks under additional pressure to retain critical infrastructure and services. We’ve seen a surge in demand from financial institutions who must swiftly transition the way they serve clients,” said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of TimeTrade. “Enabling Intelligent Appointment Scheduling will help them solve several problems simultaneously. They can pre-schedule appointments to handle anticipated demand related to the CARES Act, ensure smooth operations for both customers and employees, and most importantly, demonstrate compassion and care for the communities they serve.”

For more information on TimeTrade Essential Banking Package, schedule a time to talk with a scheduling expert.

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