Harvard, Boston University, Claremont McKenna, and Other Educational Institutions Adopt TimeTrade

BOSTON, MA — July 11, 2006 — TimeTrade Systems today announced that a growing number of colleges and universities have adopted TimeTrade’s on-demand appointment scheduling software to enable students, faculty, staff and applicants to schedule appointments for various activities via the Internet.

New “EDU” customers include Australian Catholic University, Boston University, Claremont McKenna, Columbia College Chicago, Harvard University, Loyola Chicago, University of Alaska – Fairbanks, University of Miami Nursing School, University of South Florida – Manatee, and University of Wisconsin – Lacrosse. These new customers join other leading universities, such as Yale, Brandeis, Northeastern, and the United States Coast Guard Academy in the move away from paper-based or proprietary legacy systems to on-demand appointment scheduling via the Internet.

TimeTrade gives everyone involved in the scheduling process instant secure access to available timeslots. Availability is exposed through TimeTrade’s scheduling engine, which quickly identifies the underlying resources (people, equipment, rooms) required for the activity, and assigns resources based on skill sets, availability, location, and other rules-based criteria.

TimeTrade’s on-demand appointment scheduling software for higher education is currently deployed in a wide range of departments across the campus:

  • Admissions Offices use TimeTrade to schedule appointments for admissions interviews, campus tours, and overnight stays.
  • Advising Centers use TimeTrade to schedule appointments for student academic advisement sessions as well as other counseling and support activities.
  • Campus Fitness Centers use TimeTrade to schedule health and fitness-related appointments and counseling sessions.
  • Distance Learning Centers use TimeTrade to schedule appointments for proctored exams.
  • Help Desks (ResNets) use TimeTrade to schedule service calls for help desk technicians.

About TimeTrade Systems, Inc.

Based in Burlington, MA, TimeTrade Systems, Inc. provides appointment scheduling software and hosted (“on-demand”) solutions to some of the world’s best known organizations.  TimeTrade offers highly-configurable turnkey solutions that are quick to implement right off the shelf, as well as embeddable solutions for organizations who want to integrate appointment scheduling capabilities into other computerized systems using a Service-Oriented Architecture.

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Press Contact: Patrick Rafter, prafter@timetrade.com, 617-901-2697