More Than 250 Million Customer Connections Made Possible by TimeTrade

BOSTON, MA — October 2, 2014 — Business Wire. As consumers clamor for personal attention, TimeTrade Systems, the world’s #1 scheduling platform, has hit a major milestone, with more than a quarter of a billion appointments booked—directly translating into more than $2 billion in commerce every year.

“The appointment economy is booming—particularly in retail, healthcare and banking—and improving the dynamic between brands and their customers,” said Gary Ambrosino, president and CEO of TimeTrade. “The power is now in the consumers’ hands, enabling them to get personalized experiences that they can’t find anywhere else. Brands reap the benefits too—higher sales and happier customers.”

The significant growth of the appointment economy in the last five years is testament to the pressure put on physical businesses by alternative online options, and customers’ demand for more convenient, tailored services. Personalized appointments allow customers to get in touch with the right person, through any device, whenever it works best for them.

Many businesses are taking investments in appointment scheduling one step further, by building custom applications through TimeTrade’s Appointment-as-a-Service platform.

“Every company is in the customer service business—whether they are selling fashion, providing healthcare services or offering mortgages,” said Ambrosino. “We’re helping these companies take customer satisfaction seriously and improve their stance in the market.”

TimeTrade offers a full range of ready-to-deploy scheduling solutions that integrate with existing CRM and marketing tools.

About TimeTrade
The world’s most well respected brands in retail, banking and industries worldwide use TimeTrade to deliver on their brand promise of a truly personalized customer experience. TimeTrade’s Responsive Customer Engagement Platform allows consumers to connect with a brand, anywhere, anytime – and then gives companies deeper insight than ever before about what consumers want next. The result: higher sales and lifetime, repeat customers.

TimeTrade integrates easily with enterprise sales, marketing, service, CRM, and business process management systems to accelerate bottom-line business results and drive inbound sales, while enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

More than 250 million connections have been made between consumers and businesses using TimeTrade’s scalable Responsive Engagement Platform, directly translating into more than $2 billion in commerce every year.

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