TimeTrade Announces Click-to-Schedule Lead Capture System

Workgroup Appointment Router™ replaces forms on websites and landing pages with instantly confirmed appointments; accelerates the sales cycle by eliminating lead follow-up

BOSTON (MARKETWIRE – December 8, 2010)-TimeTrade® Systems, Inc., today introduced the Appointment Router, a major enhancement to the TimeTrade Workgroup Edition. This new appointment-based lead capture capability uses configurable sales territory assignment rules to allow prospects to instantly book sales appointments with a company’s representatives directly from a website or marketing campaign landing page.

The Appointment Router’s innovative Smart-Routing technology creates a new Inbound Sales model for sales and marketing teams. It streamlines and accelerates the sales process by replacing traditional “Contact Us” forms with the opportunity for a hot prospect to immediately reserve a time on a representative’s calendar, eliminating the need for following up with and chasing leads.

This new capability also gives marketers an effective way to get marketing campaign respondents into sales meetings by including a “Click to Schedule” call-to-action in email campaigns and on landing pages.

The core capabilities of the Appointment Router include:

  • Smart-Routing – Uses configurable assignment rules like state, company size or product interest area to offer instant One-Step Appointment Scheduling™ to a website visitor.
  • Website Integration – Adds “Click To Schedule” capability to a company’s website, blog, or email campaign landing page to create an instant scheduling opportunity for the prospect or customer.
  • Marketing Automation Integration – Integrates with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms including Marketo, Constant Contact, HubSpot, Eloqua, and Salesforce.com to capture customer information in parallel with the TimeTrade appointment confirmation.
  • Appointment Activity Metrics – Easy to understand reports that give sales and marketing managers daily, weekly, and monthly views of appointment setting activity at the sales rep, sales group, and corporate level.

“I see significant benefits of the TimeTrade Appointment Router for sales, marketing, and service organizations,” said Trish Bertuzzi, president and chief strategist of The Bridge Group, Inc. “For marketing organizations, for the first time, leads will equal confirmed prospect meetings rather than just a list of contacts salespeople will have to qualify. For service groups, service appointment requests are instantly routed to the right person and confirmed to the customer, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.”

“Smart-Routing dramatically improves lead generation effectiveness because now highly-qualified confirmed appointments replace the endless prospect follow-up required by web request forms and links in outbound email campaigns,” said Gary Ambrosino, EVP and COO, TimeTrade Systems. “Confirmed appointments enter the sales funnel much further down, have a higher qualification score, and help get the prospect to the next step in days rather than weeks.”

Available in Q4, 2010, the TimeTrade Appointment Router is the latest in a recent string of major feature enhancements for the company’s widely acclaimed TimeTrade Workgroup Edition, including the company’s new TimeTrade for Salesforce application that integrates TimeTrade One-Step Appointment Scheduling with Salesforce.com operation/systems. The Appointment Router and TimeTrade for Salesforce are both available to existing customers of TimeTrade’s Workgroup Edition. The Appointment Router can support sales teams of up to 5,000 members.

About TimeTrade Systems
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