TimeTrade Announces Integration with Salesforce.com

Lets Salespeople Cut Back on Cold Calls, Email and Phone Tag by Quickly Converting Leads in Salesforce.com Into Confirmed Appointments

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwire – November 4, 2010) – TimeTrade® Systems, Inc. (www.timetrade.com), the world’s leading provider of online appointment scheduling solutions, today announced the availability of TimeTrade for Salesforce — a new application that gives sales teams One-Step Appointment Scheduling™, a powerful, hassle-free way to book a high number of sales meetings with prospects and customers without leaving salesforce.com.

Developed for users of TimeTrade Workgroup Edition, TimeTrade for Salesforce is free to TimeTrade Workgroup customers and available from the salesforce.com AppExchange.
By using TimeTrade’s web-based appointment invitation system within Salesforce, sales reps eliminate the time and headaches associated with using phone tag and Outlook “pig pong” to chase down prospects and customers to schedule meetings. Instead, sales professionals can use TimeTrade to invite customers and prospects to schedule a date and time that works for them for sales demos, account reviews, consultations and other sales interactions — all without leaving Salesforce. Invitees get immediate access to a salesperson’s availability and can instantly schedule an appointment that fits into their own personal schedule. All appointments scheduled are added to a rep’s Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar, so there’s no double booking.

Benefits Salespeople Get from Using the TimeTrade for Salesforce Application:

  • Eliminates back-and-forth emails and phone calls with One-Step Appointment Scheduling™
  • Allows prospects and customers to access a sales rep’s availability 24/7 so meetings get booked at the height of a lead’s interest
  • Saves time by offering appointments to multiple people in just seconds
  • Increases reps’ efficiency by enabling the use of TimeTrade within salesforce.com
  • Ensures accurate tracking of meetings set with “Leads” and “Contacts” without requiring manual updating each time a meeting is booked

Key Features of TimeTrade for Salesforce:

  • One-Step Appointment Scheduling™
  • An “Offer Appointment” button built into the salesforce.com user interface
  • Meeting availability can be offered directly from a salesforce.com Lead or Contact record, through salesforce.com templates, in an email signature, and through Outlook calendar
  • Logs a meeting set through TimeTrade as a Salesforce “Activities” under the appropriate “Lead” or “Contact” record when booked
  • Enables immediately confirmed appointments
  • Continuously monitors Outlook and Google calendars for real-time availability
  • Sends automatic confirmation and reminder email notifications to all attendees

The TimeTrade Workgroup Edition also gives customers the ability to directly schedule appointments themselves — to connect with the right sales professional at a time of their own choosing, simply by clicking on a link or button on a company website or responding to a sales or marketing email. With TimeTrade for Salesforce, all appointments scheduled through TimeTrade automatically flow into Salesforce, for maximum productivity.

“Every sales manager on the planet understands that time repeatedly wasted chasing customers and prospects for meetings could be better used for pitching and closing,” says Gary Ambrosino, Chief Operating Officer and EVP, TimeTrade Systems. “By making this a one-step automated process, sales reps will recover up to one entire day per week. That’s equivalent to expanding your sales team by 20%.”

“TimeTrade for Salesforce is a very powerful tool for businesses that run on salesforce.com,” said Harry Radenberg, President, GearsCRM (http://www.gearscrm.com), a leading salesforce.com consulting firm whose clients are primarily based in New England. “We plan to recommend that our current and future customers deploy TimeTrade for Salesforce and TimeTrade Workgroup Edition to add online appointment setting capability to their sales, marketing and service operations.”

About TimeTrade Systems
As the world’s leading provider of online appointment scheduling solutions, TimeTrade Systems, Inc. increases sales and customer satisfaction by making it easy for customers and prospects to connect and converse with the right people inside a company. Its solutions power real-time, rule-based appointment scheduling across team members, locations, and timeslots to streamline the process of setting the meetings that drive business. For more than a decade, Fortune 500 multinationals, small businesses, government agencies, universities, sales teams, and individuals have chosen TimeTrade to help them better engage, interact with, and satisfy their customers. TimeTrade’s Appointment Cloud integrates easily with enterprise sales, marketing, service, CRM, and business process management systems to accelerate bottom-line business results, drive inbound sales, and yield increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. TimeTrade’s proven solutions help customer-driven businesses organize, automate and synchronize appointment setting across the entire customer lifecycle. Visit: www.timetrade.com.

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