TimeTrade Appointment Cloud SaaS Platform Makes Online Appointment Setting Available as a Cloud Service for Enhanced CRM & Inbound Sales

Includes High Performance Appointment Availability Repository That Links Hundreds of Millions of Outlook & Google Calendar Users

BOSTON & NEW YORK (BUSINESSWIRE) – At CRM Evolution 2010 & SpeechTEK 2010 -August 3, 2010 – TimeTrade® Systems, Inc., the leader in customer-driven online appointment scheduling solutions, today unveiled the TimeTrade Appointment Cloud™, the first appointment scheduling SaaS platform to meet the growing demand of enterprises for cloud-powered, high-throughput, instant appointment scheduling services and custom applications.

TimeTrade’s Appointment Cloud furnishes the Appointment CRM technology powering the company’s new SaaS product TimeTrade Workgroup Edition™, as well as the core services used by some of the largest U.S. retailers and service companies including Best Buy, Coldwell Banker, and Sprint. A key feature of Appointment Cloud is its capability of simultaneously linking in real time to large numbers of Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendars to compile a rules-based availability inventory, then instantaneously offering and confirming appointments as part of inbound and outbound marketing and social network interactions.

“Customer appointments are the life blood of American business. TimeTrade lets companies move beyond the limitations of scheduling appointments through Web forms and outbound cold calls and phone tag by harnessing the power of the cloud to deliver instant appointment scheduling capabilities that are fully integrated into a company’s current websites and CRM systems,” said Gary Ambrosino, Executive Vice President and COO, TimeTrade Systems.

The TimeTrade Appointment Cloud is architected for rapid deployment, seamless integration with legacy systems, and managed scalability—so that enterprises can easily use Appointment Cloud services to build their own customer-facing applications or products, or to integrate TimeTrade Appointment Scheduling with their IT infrastructure, enterprise applications, and business processes.

Since its founding a decade ago, TimeTrade Systems has grown to become the world leader for enterprise-class online appointment scheduling. Large organizations including Lowe’s, J. Crew, Quest Diagnostics, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Yale University have deployed TimeTrade to enable their customers to self-schedule appointments via their websites, through e-mail campaigns, and sales and service team interactions.

TimeTrade’s Appointment Cloud offers customer-centric companies a reliable and scalable platform to provide instantly confirmed appointments with millions of consumers, businesspeople and others who are increasingly turning to the Web as their principal destination to learn, buy, and receive service and support for products and services.

Time is Money:
In addition to integration with enterprise processes and systems for lead generation and nurturing, prospect conversion, sales and service appointment setting, the TimeTrade Appointment Cloud also enables enterprises to offer Web-based point of sales for service-based products, and a commerce-driven online TimeTrade Marketplace™.

Features of the TimeTrade Appointment Cloud Platform:

  • High Transaction Throughput – Enterprise-grade SaaS environment capable of processing millions of online instant appointments per day
  • Appointment Rules Engine – Supports 80 different appointment types and custom appointment rules and algorithms
  • Real-time Availability Repository – Real-time access to individual Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendars for instant availability matching between thousands of users

Attendees of an appointment are instantly and automatically confirmed, and later reminded of the appointment:

  • Calendar Connections – Real time connections to personal calendars including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple, Lotus Notes
  • CRM & Social Media Connections – Real time integration with Salesforce.com, Marketo, Silverpop, WebEx, LinkedIn, Facebook, other applications
  • Mobile Scheduling – Dynamic calendar integration with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows based mobile platforms
  • TimeTrade Marketplace™ – Web-based Appointment Commerce™ for service offerings and product purchases, time-for-fee commercial offerings


  • Powered by TimeTrade – Multi-channel, customized Web appointment scheduling, including an easy-to-use, configurable Web Widget for complex appointment scheduling requirements
  • Custom – The Appointment Cloud API can be used to fully integrate TimeTrade appointment setting features with your website or custom business applications

About TimeTrade Systems
TimeTrade increases sales and customer satisfaction by making it easy for customers and prospects to connect and converse with the right people inside your company. Our solutions enable real-time, rule-based appointment scheduling across team members, locations, and timeslots to help make the personal connections that drive your business.

For more than a decade, Fortune 500 multinationals, small businesses, government agencies, universities, sales teams, and individuals have chosen TimeTrade to help them better engage, interact with, and satisfy their customers– across every stage of the customer lifecycle. TimeTrade’s proven CRM solutions deliver bottom-line business results, drive inbound sales, and yield increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. To learn how TimeTrade can help you conduct powerful customer conversations visit us at www.timetrade.com.

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