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TimeTrade “Click to Schedule” Now Available For HubSpot

BOSTON–June 12, 2012–TimeTrade®, the global market leader in online appointment scheduling for business, today announced that its award-winning “Click to Schedule” application is now available to HubSpot customers via the HubSpot App Marketplace.  As this video shows, TimeTrade scheduling can enable HubSpot-powered businesses to convert inbound leads into qualified sales meetings, increase sales bookings up to 30%, and reduce time-to-close by 40%.

With the TimeTrade Click-to-Schedule for HubSpot App installed, HubSpot users can now easily add a “Click to Schedule” button within their blogs, social media sites, websites, landing pages, email marketing campaigns or “Contact Us” form pages they manage through their HubSpot account. When visitors select the Click-To-Schedule button, TimeTrade matches them with the right sales or support rep, and confirms the appointment instantly.

Developed by TimeTrade Systems, recently picked as “2012 Service Provider of the Year” by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) — the TimeTrade for HubSpot App will give HubSpot customers significant improvements in lead conversions, sales team efficiency and sales bookings growth by:

  • Converting HubSpot-driven website visits and email marketing click-throughs into confirmed sales meetings. Prospects see a selection of days and times that match company sales team availability through a TimeTrade Click-to-Schedule button on HubSpot landing pages.
  • Adding TimeTrade Click-to-Schedule to HubSpot email marketing campaigns.
  • Placing confirmed appointments onto team members’ calendars automatically with absolutely no scheduling conflicts with existing appointments.
  • Giving sales teams a powerful tool to turn HubSpot into an appointment-scheduling machine, by eliminating the back-and-forth emails (normally associated with booking a time for one-to-one sales or service meetings) and increasing the number of scheduled sales meetings.
  • Seamlessly integrating TimeTrade self-service scheduling with HubSpot’s software for search optimization, content distribution, lead generation and management and marketing analytics; as well as other widely used CRM systems (e.g. and communications/calendaring platforms (Outlook, Google, iCal).

“By integrating TimeTrade with HubSpot, companies can better inform and engage with potential customers,” said Jill Konrath, bestselling author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies.  “Not only does this provide an enhanced customer experience, but it also expedites the sales cycle.”

“Our Inbound Marketing tools do an awesome job of nurturing prospects and driving inbound traffic to the websites of companies powered by HubSpot,” said Arjun Moorthy, VP of Business Development & Partner Products, HubSpot. “Now with the TimeTrade Click-to-Schedule for HubSpot App, HubSpot customers can accelerate prospects through the sales funnel by letting them book sales meetings at the height of their interest.”

“TimeTrade online appointment scheduling is proven to improve close rates and reduce sales cycles times immediately after being deployed” said Gary Ambrosino, President of TimeTrade. “For HubSpot’s 6,800+ customers, TimeTrade for HubSpot is a ‘must have’ App that realizes the full potential of HubSpot Inbound Marketing by turning inbound leads into confirmed sales meetings.”

Availability, Functionality & Download

The TimeTrade Click-to-Schedule for HubSpot App is now available for download from the HubSpot App Marketplace and includes a free starter edition of TimeTrade. Supporting corporate sales teams, TimeTrade for HubSpot features a “Smart Router,” so when someone clicks the “Click to Schedule” button, TimeTrade automatically routes the appointment request to the right sales or service representative.  The starter edition can be upgraded for more appointment capacity through TimeTrade. To learn more, simply Click Here to Schedule a meeting with a TimeTrade Representative.

About TimeTrade
As the world’s most widely deployed and used online appointment scheduling provider, TimeTrade increases sales and customer satisfaction through proven cloud-powered solutions that make it easy for customers and prospects to connect and converse with the right people inside a company. Its solutions power real-time, rule-based appointment scheduling across team members, locations, and timeslots to set the meetings that drive business.

For more than a decade, Fortune 500 companies have deployed TimeTrade Appointment CRM solutions to help them better engage, interact with, and satisfy their customers. The TimeTrade Cloud platform integrates easily with enterprise sales, marketing, service, CRM, and business process management systems to accelerate bottom-line business results and drive inbound sales, while enhancing customer experience and loyalty. TimeTrade’s proven appointment scheduling solutions help brand-name retailers and other customer-focused organizations organize, automate and synchronize appointment setting across the entire customer lifecycle, and helps company reps act on customer interest, 24x7x365, anywhere, anytime.