TimeTrade Delivers Retail Business Analytics that Finally Cracks the Code for Creating Successful Customer Experience

BOSTON, MA — October 28, 2014 — TimeTrade, the company that has powered more than 250 million scheduled customer visits, is expanding its platform with the launch of TimeTrade Insight™. It is the only solution that manages the retail path-to-purchase and creates direct attribution of purchase to a web ad, online promotion or click-to-schedule button on a website.

“Until now, companies had minimal visibility into what customers experience when they walk through the door and whether or not they leave unhappy,” said Scott West, Director of Product Marketing at TimeTrade. “TimeTrade Insight provides this intelligence – and it’s exactly what companies need to improve face-to-face interactions, earn their customers’ loyalty and sell more.”

Without this data, companies are left in the dark. According to a recent survey, nearly 70 percent of consumers admit that they won’t tell a manager about bad customer experiences. Yet after poor experiences with staffers, more than 20 percent of consumers leave without purchasing anything, and another 20 percent said they’d never return.

TimeTrade Insight uses data from live customer interactions to complete the path-to-purchase view, offering actionable guidance on the next best steps in each customer’s experience and putting powerful insight directly into the hands of:

  • C-level executives. Corporate leaders can drill down and see exactly what needs to improve and where they need to step in and take action. Tailored dashboards are delivered straight to each executive’s inbox, with specific guidance about what should be done to make marketing, sales and customer retention more successful – and why.
  • Marketing. TimeTrade Insight closes the gap for marketers, allowing them to measure performance across every channel and understand how campaigns and promotions translate into store traffic by tying appointments scheduled to each campaign.
  • Sales. Managers can pinpoint the highest-performing associates and locations to replicate what they are doing right across the business. They’re also armed with targeted feedback based on the effectiveness of each customer visit, so they can constantly track and improve sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Operations. Insight’s analytics allow operations to find the best balance between staff availability and customer demand ensuring that customers are met with the right people, at the right time – generating higher sales at a lower cost. Operations managers can also discover new trends in product demand and better align staff expertise to those needs.

TimeTrade Insight includes the Appointment Quality Index® (AQI®), which provides a single score that gives each team a clear sense of how effective customer interactions are – on a corporate, regional and store level. Dashboards reveal metrics that matter most for company leadership, marketing, sales and operations – giving them the ammo they need to create successful customer experiences and improve loyalty and sales.

Read more about TimeTrade Insight and schedule a demo today to see how it works.

About TimeTrade

The world’s most well respected brands in retail, banking and industries worldwide use TimeTrade to deliver on their brand promise of a truly personalized customer experience. TimeTrade’s Responsive Customer Engagement Platform allows consumers to connect with a brand, anywhere, anytime – and then gives companies deeper insight than ever before about what consumers want next. The result: higher sales and lifetime, repeat customers.

TimeTrade integrates easily with enterprise sales, marketing, service, CRM, and business process management systems to accelerate bottom-line business results and drive inbound sales, while enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

More than 250 million connections have been made between consumers and businesses using TimeTrade’s scalable Responsive Engagement Platform, directly translating into more than $2 billion in commerce every year.

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