TimeTrade Extends TimeCommerce Platform for Scheduling Telephone Interactions and Virtual Meetings

BOSTON, MA — February 17, 2004 — TimeTrade Systems, Inc. today announced Version 3.5 of its TimeCommerce software, featuring enhanced “time-shift” technology for scheduling interactions between parties in different time zones. Potential applications include:

  • Scheduling telephone advisory interactions between financial advisors and their clients, such as for quarterly portfolio reviews and asset allocation discussions.
  • Scheduling telephone training and support interactions, such as for introducing a new product or service to customers.
  • Scheduling telephone interviews, such as for screening job applicants.
  • Scheduling telephone administrative interactions, such as for guiding a prospective borrower through a complex loan application.
  • Scheduling telephone sales interactions, such as for product demonstrations and initial sales consultations.
  • Scheduling telephone interactions with government agencies, such as for tax advice, or discussions with a guidance counselor.
  • Scheduling virtual meetings, such as for a multi-point video conference with participants in several cities and time zones.

In order to support the scheduling of interactions between parties in different time zones, Version 3.5 performs automatic time zone translation in a variety of contexts, including the appointment scheduling interface for exploring availability and choosing a timeslot, the administrative interface for reviewing and managing pending appointments, and the management interface for generating reports and analytics. TimeTrade’s real-time, Web-based technology streamlines the process while avoiding errors and confusion.

Imagine this scenario – a Miami-based customer needs to schedule a telephone interaction with a Spanish-speaking representative. A qualified representative may be available in Miami, but there may also be resources in Houston, Phoenix, and Los Angeles – all with time availability. TimeTrade instantly translates the available time of all qualified representatives, posted in their local time zones, into a pooled view presented to the customer in his local time zone. Business rules can be applied for allocating appointments to qualified resources, irrespective of time zone (by skill set or cost, for example). The result is better customer service and resource utilization across the network.

About TimeTrade Systems, Inc.

Based in Burlington, MA, TimeTrade Systems, Inc. provides appointment scheduling software and hosted (“on-demand”) solutions to some of the world’s best known organizations.  TimeTrade offers highly-configurable turnkey solutions that are quick to implement right off the shelf, as well as platform technology for organizations who want to integrate appointment scheduling capabilities into other computerized systems using a services-oriented approach.

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