TimeTrade Introduces New Features for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Latest release of TimeTrade Scheduler Application includes Custom Availability, Person Accounts

BOSTON, MA – August 28, 2018 –  TimeTrade, a leader in omnichannel Intelligent Appointment Scheduling, today announced that the latest release of the company’s Scheduler for Salesforce includes two new features – Custom Availability and Person Accounts – that will make it even easier for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) customers to use Scheduler for increased client engagement and easier appointment scheduling.

Financial services providers in wealth management use TimeTrade Scheduler because it expedites meeting scheduling between busy advisors and even busier clients. Built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, the application lets advisors generate appointment links that can be sent out via email, put on an advisor’s profile page, or utilized in outbound marketing campaigns to gain new clients.

“One of the key goals of Scheduler is to make it easy to book a meeting. In the financial services industry, it’s especially important for advisors and bankers to be able to schedule meetings quickly and focus on their key tasks,” said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of TimeTrade. “We continuously work with Salesforce to understand how their improvements can effortlessly integrate into our product, and with these new features, financial services professionals across the industry can engage easily with their customers and get meetings on the calendar.”

TimeTrade’s latest enhancements with Salesforce are part of its ongoing Connect Effect Partnership Program, a new initiative designed to optimize intelligent customer engagement through working with leading technology companies.

Below is an overview of how Custom Availability and Person Accounts will enhance TimeTrade Scheduler:

Custom Availability
Most wealth management advisors have busy days filled with tasks, projects, follow-ups, and other important job functions. While advisors must remain available to take meetings from customers and potential clients, they may not want to sacrifice their entire calendar to do so. Instead, an advisor may set aside certain times and days of the week for such appointments. An advisor may devote 30-minute increments on Mondays and Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for “Customer Portfolio Reviews”, for example, while Thursday and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. offer 60-minute sessions for “New Client Financial Planning” meetings.

This flexibility allows advisors to customize windows of availability while still letting clients easily pick their preferred time. Salesforce helps Financial Services Cloud users put the customer at the center of the relationship, and Scheduler provides an easy way to reinforce this goal. This ensures that important discussions get on the calendar and reduces the frustrating loop of back and forth emails that otherwise typify the meeting scheduling process.

Person Accounts
TimeTrade Scheduler is built on Salesforce Lightning, so the application has always had the capability to work with Person Accounts. With the Spring ’18 release of Financial Services Cloud, however, FSC customers can choose between their original “client” model that was initially rolled out with FSC, and the “person account” model that was originally available in the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud products. This allowed existing financial services customers that were using Person Accounts to move into the new Financial Services Cloud without starting from scratch. With that new object model available to FSC customers, Scheduler is now also available for FSC customers employing the Person Account model.

TimeTrade made these key features available to existing and new customers in July.

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