TimeTrade Launches Customer Engagement Cloud

Platform fundamentally improves the way businesses engage with customers

BOSTON—September 28, 2016—TimeTrade, the leading provider of appointment-driven personalization, today launched its Customer Engagement Cloud, which fundamentally improves the way businesses engage with their customers.

The SaaS-based Customer Engagement Cloud is the world’s most advanced customer appointment scheduling and queue management platform. Instantly deployable, it meets the diverse customer engagement needs of the world’s largest, most successful enterprises, as well as midsize and small businesses.

Highly scalable and secure, the Customer Engagement Cloud lets customers and prospects create their own appointment-driven experience as part of their visit or online conversation. They receive a powerful service guarantee that includes meeting with the employee most qualified to help. When businesses create a “We’ve Been Expecting You” experience, 85 percent of customers buy more, according to a recent study.

The TimeTrade Customer Engagement Cloud is designed for businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 worldwide deployments. It includes three key capabilities that transform the customer engagement process—omnichannel Appointments for scheduling, in-location mobile Concierge for real-time queue management, and business Analytics for reports and interactive dashboards. With this configurable suite of tools and applications, companies can quickly and easily deploy managed customer engagement interactions, something most businesses have not been actively managing. The result: highly satisfied, loyal customers who buy more and deliver repeat business.

“TimeTrade isn’t just the world leader in online appointment scheduling, we created the industry,” said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of TimeTrade. “The Customer Engagement Cloud propels what is already the industry’s most widely deployed enterprise-class solution to a new level of customer-focused excellence for businesses. Our new capabilities extend the value of the TimeTrade solution to a broader piece of the customer journey.”

The Customer Engagement Cloud’s new capabilities include enhancement of it’s “no programming required” configurable environment. Specific new modules and features include:

  • Perfect Scheduling™: TimeTrade eliminates the complexity of matching customer needs to the right resources across multiple locations. It includes enhanced Smart Matching for skills and role-based resource management, and patented Appointment Routing™ and Dynamic Availability™—which make connecting each customer with the right expert at the right time and place fast and frictionless.
  • Expanded Integration with Salesforce: A brand new Salesforce.com application fully integrates TimeTrade with Salesforce to make it a powerful tool for prospecting and customer management. The full power of TimeTrade omnichannel appointments are available without leaving Salesforce, including full integration of the Salesforce calendar. The capability also integrates Salesforce appointments with outbound and inbound marketing programs for fast, low-acquisition-cost customer capture.
  • Comprehensive REST API: A full REST API provides complete access to more than 200 core processing features of the patented Customer Engagement Cloud, making it easy for developers to create custom applications. TimeTrade will make REST API access available to appointment-scheduling application developers and development companies separately through a new OEM program to be announced later this fall.
  • Mobile Concierge: The responsive mobile app for staff members has been enhanced for better real-time management of customers, personnel-level and location-level views. Every employee can now have a smartphone or tablet app that tells them who is scheduled and for what purpose.
  • Interactive Text Appointments: Designed specifically for “on the way over” and in-location scheduling, it uses existing business and routing rules for easy appointments, queue registration, and appointment management right up to the start time of the appointment. ITA is easy to add to new or existing TimeTrade systems.
  • Interactive Voice Appointments: Customers can use the phone to make appointments through this new patented interactive voice interface. The IVA module is transparently integrated with existing systems and works well for call center applications in addition to normal scheduling.

“Hundreds of the world’s leading retailers, banks, technology companies and many other businesses are using TimeTrade today, as an essential part of how they attract and retain their customers,” said Ambrosino. “The innovations we’re introducing to the platform will allow those businesses—and thousands of other TimeTrade customers—to manage the most critical part of the customer journey: the live conversation.”

About TimeTrade
TimeTrade creates conversations that drive business. The company equips businesses to provide personalized service to every customer, every time, creating a service guarantee that improves customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and increases sales growth. TimeTrade’s leading-edge Customer Engagement Cloud, an enterprise platform delivered through a worldwide cloud-hosting network, provides omnichannel and mobile application tools for managing the most critical part of the customer journey: the live conversation. It includes several tightly integrated modules for online appointment scheduling, queue management, and data-rich analytics and reports. The company’s patented cloud technology is proven secure and scales to meet the demands of the largest multinational enterprises a well as mid-size and small businesses. More than 400 of the world’s most successful brands—including the largest banks, retailers, sales organizations and healthcare systems—rely on TimeTrade to power their live customer conversations and improve the customer experience, in person, by phone or online.

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