TimeTrade Launches New Partner Program for Intelligent Customer Engagement

BOSTON—January 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — TimeTrade, the leader in omni-channel intelligent appointment scheduling, today launched the Connect Effect Partnership Program, a new initiative designed to optimize intelligent customer engagement through TimeTrade’s industry-leading Appointments-as-a-Service platform. For the initiative, TimeTrade has partnered with multiple large enterprise brands, including Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM, and others.

TimeTrade is included as one of the scheduling partner options to choose from when business owners add a booking button to their Google listings through Google My Business. If a business already has an account with one of the supported scheduling providers, the booking button will automatically be added to their Google listing.

“TimeTrade’s Connect Effect partners recognize that today’s consumers want intelligent customer engagement, which means human connections based on personalized services,” said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of TimeTrade. “Intelligent appointment scheduling allows consumer-facing businesses to establish the right connections with the right customers and prospects – across channels and at exactly the right moment.”

TimeTrade designed its intelligent appointment scheduling platform to use artificial intelligence to give companies real-time customer insights and customized actions, producing better meetings and higher growth businesses.

“Customer engagement is critical to every business, and customer loyalty is now being fought for on new battlegrounds, such as the level of consistency and personalization of the shopping experience,” said Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director, Customer Experience & Commerce at 451 Research. “Live interactions and appointments are often an essential part of building customer loyalty and securing a sale. Companies like TimeTrade are harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to help businesses improve how they connect with their customers and create more personalized customer experiences.”

TimeTrade’s other Connect Effect partners include Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM, and other industry leaders.

“Making connections with customers based on personalized services requires scheduling, of course, and Connect Effect partners view TimeTrade’s intelligent appointment scheduling solution as an indispensable tool to helping both B2C and B2B sales and marketing teams optimize intelligent customer engagement through in-person meetings,” said Ambrosino. “We look forward to working with a variety of partners across a broad mix of relevant channels as we broaden the use of our intelligent appointment scheduling solution.”

This year, TimeTrade will steadily roll out new partnerships with leading horizontal technology partners, vertical solutions, and tools for sales and marketing that function at the intersection of customer-facing channels and customer-facing employees. TimeTrade’s industry focus for 2018 includes technology partners, as well as vertical solution providers in financial services, banking, and retail industries.

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About TimeTrade
TimeTrade helps leading brands optimize engagement through all phases of the customer relationship. TimeTrade’s intelligent appointment scheduling platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve meeting scheduling strategies through real-time customer insights and actions, producing better meetings and higher growth businesses, with TimeTrade customers outpacing their peers by nearly 3X. Tens of thousands of businesses – including leading global banks, retailers, and software companies – use TimeTrade’s Appointments-as-a-Service platform to deliver the personalized attention expected by today’s on-demand consumers.

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