TimeTrade Survey: Consumers’ Top Wireless Complaint Is Waiting At The Store

BOSTON, MA — October 2, 2015 — Despite the traditional concerns of service quality and billing issues, consumers cite waiting in line at the store as the number one customer experience complaint with their wireless carrier, reports TimeTrade, the leading provider of online appointment scheduling.

TimeTrade recently surveyed 1,064 consumers regarding their customer experience with their wireless carrier. When asked “What is the number one reason for poor customer experience with your wireless carrier?” respondents chose waiting in line at the retail store as the number one reason, even over lack of consistent cross-channel experience, service quality and billing issues.

Respondents also reported that the maximum time they are willing to wait at their wireless retail store is 10 minutes.

“What the survey results reveal is that more and more, consumers seek help from wireless retail store associates but get frustrated if they have to wait,” says Sarah Wallace, Principal Market Analyst at TimeTrade. “As the number of devices, services and data plans become more complex, consumers want a highly personalized in-store meeting to help them better understand their purchases.”

Consumers were also asked “If you could schedule an appointment (on the web or on your mobile device) to meet with a wireless store associate, would you?” The majority of respondents (69%) said “Yes” with Millennials being the most prominent age group willing to book an appointment with 79% saying “Yes.”

TimeTrade’s PurchasePath cloud solution empowers customers to schedule an in-store appointment through a carrier’s website, email campaigns, social media, voice, etc. Once in the store, PurchasePath’s in-store Concierge tool allows for sales collaboration via smartphone or tablets. After the appointment, survey and analytics capabilities allow managers to use dashboards to monitor performance and view drill-drown prescriptive analytics into a customer’s journey.

More than 22 million appointments have been made for wireless carriers through TimeTrade’s PurchasePath platform, giving customers direct access to the right employees who can give them the answers they need before signing up for a new account, service or product.

About TimeTrade
TimeTrade provides an appointment scheduling SaaS solution to consumer retail, retail banking, health and wellness, higher education and telecom customers. PurchasePath,™ TimeTrade’s appointment-centric customer experience solution enables customers to convert digital first touch interactions into a high-value, in-person meeting. PurchasePath™ has driven more than 326 million connections between consumers and businesses, directly translating into more than $3 billion in commerce every year.