TimeTrade Systems’ Customer Bosley Named an InfoWorld 100 Top IT Solution for 2008

BOSTON, MA — November 20, 2008 — TimeTrade Systems today announced that one of the company’s customers, Bosley — a world leader in hair loss replacement and medical hair restoration, has been named to the InfoWorld 100 Top IT Solutions for 2008. Bosley leveraged TimeTrade to integrate CRM and Web-based appointment scheduling to efficiently book more than 9,000 appointments per month and improve management visibility into the workflow.

“Breathing new life into outdated operations, advancing business goals with inventive use of technology — this year’s winners demonstrate, once again, that innovative, business-minded IT is the lifeblood of successful organizations,” said Jason Snyder, Senior Editor for InfoWorld.

Bosley was facing a challenge to field more than 40,000 calls per month, handled by 100 patient service representatives who have to schedule more than 26 physicians, numerous office staff and 50 senior counselors not to mention surgical facilities and equipment. Bosley sought to integrate an enterprise-wide, centralized appointment scheduling solution with their Siebel CRM system.

Bosley chose TimeTrade’s Web-based solution to manage appointments efficiently, minimize errors, integrate with Siebel CRM, provide roles-based access and administration, enforce scheduling rules and provide management with better visibility, reporting and control over scheduling operations. The results have been impressive:

  • 20% reduction of patient wait times on the phone
  • 25% reduction of wait time for the patient in the office
  • 7% to 10% lowering of administrative costs
  • Superior service for the patient commencing with the first call
  • 80% reduction of errors or double-booking of appointments

“For more than 32 years, Bosley has been a leader in hair transplants and one reason is their unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of quality and service for their patients,” said Ed Mallen, President and CEO for TimeTrade Systems. “We welcomed the opportunity to partner with Bosley to deliver an appointment scheduling solution that scales to meet their demanding requirements and enables them to configure the application to meet their needs for call center scheduling, front office staff and self-service. The InfoWorld award is a confirmation of their innovative use of technology to solve a major business challenge. We congratulate Bosley and look forward to continuing to support their efforts to consistently ensure patient satisfaction and deliver the highest levels of resource utilization.”

About TimeTrade Systems
TimeTrade Systems is the leader in customer self-service appointment scheduling solutions for enterprises and individuals. More than 200 million appointments have been scheduled through TimeTrade. Headquartered in Bedford, MA, TimeTrade offers Web-based solutions that enable customers to streamline operations, improve workflow and increase marketing and sales outreach. The company’s customers include some of the largest government agencies, retailers, healthcare and other organizations as well as small-to-medium sized businesses. TimeTrade solves complex scheduling issues with high-performance, highly configurable solutions that are scalable to handle hundreds of thousands of appointments across multiple locations.


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