TimeTrade Systems Recognized by Beagle Research Group, Honored with 2009 CRM WizKids Award

BOSTON, MA — May 20, 2009 — TimeTrade Systems, the leader in customer self-service appointment scheduling solutions, today announced that the company was named as a recipient of a Beagle Research Group 2009 CRM WizKids Award.

The WizKids Awards are given to software companies that demonstrate new and innovative solutions to business problems with a specific focus on customer relationship management. This year’s winners were selected based on their overall operational excellence and specifically because their services and products make it easier to conduct business.

TimeTrade was chosen by Beagle Research based on the company’s success helping Bosley, the largest provider of hair transplants in North America, automate their appointment scheduling process. Bosley needed a SaaS solution that enforced scheduling rules; easily integrated into their Siebel CRM system; minimized scheduling errors; provided roles-based access and administration; and gave management better visibility, reporting and control over scheduling operations. TimeTrade’s enterprise scheduling application delivered on all of Bosley’s requirements and also reduced patient wait time on the phone by 20% and booking errors by 80%, improving customer satisfaction, and decreased administrative costs by almost 10%.

“Delivering services often requires more than a simple appointment between a provider and a customer,” said Denis Pombriant, managing principal Beagle Research Group. “In addition to skilled personnel, services require rooms, equipment and possibly one or more assistants. All must be scheduled together if an appointment is to work out. Walk-in service may work in many cases but long wait times can drive away business. Alternatively, over-staffing to accommodate possible walk-ins can be ruinously expensive. TimeTrade has developed sophisticated self-service appointment scheduling that can help vendors better manage their assets and customers manage their time. Appointment scheduling can help any business become easier to do business with simply by smoothing out demand and making it more predictable thus benefitting both customer and vendor.”

Summing up the return that TimeTrade provided, Mark Davenport, director of IT at Bosley, stated, “We’ve never really thought of it in terms of ROI, we just needed to streamline the setting of appointments and management of resources. We couldn’t continue doing business the way we were. The old [manual] system wasn’t scalable given our growth.”

“TimeTrade is pleased to be awarded as one of Beagle Research Groups’ 2009 WizKids,” said Ed Mallen, president and CEO for TimeTrade Systems. “As a company that’s driven to helping our customers improve service, customer loyalty and retention, this award recognizes our achievements to improve business efficacy and streamline operations in a highly competitive and challenging economic environment. We are honored to receive this award.”

In addition to TimeTrade Systems, the 2009 WizKids Award winners are: EchoSign, Manticor, Right90, Unisfair, Xactly and Zuora.

To view and download the full Beagle Research WizKids Awards report click here.

About TimeTrade Systems
TimeTrade Systems is the leader in customer self-service appointment scheduling solutions for enterprises and individuals. More than 250 million appointments have been scheduled through TimeTrade. Headquartered in Bedford, MA, TimeTrade offers Web-based solutions that enable customers to streamline operations, improve workflow and increase marketing and sales outreach. The company’s customers include some of the largest government agencies, retailers, and healthcare, financial services and educational organizations as well as small-to-medium sized businesses. TimeTrade solves complex scheduling issues with high-performance, highly configurable solutions that are scalable to handle hundreds of thousands of appointments across multiple locations.

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