Yale University Schedules Admissions Interviews and Campus Visits Online with TimeTrade

BURLINGTON, MA – April 22, 2004 – TimeTrade Systems, Inc. announced today that Yale University is now using the company’s web-based appointment scheduling software in its Admissions Department to schedule all on-campus applicant interviews and overnight visits online. Now, rather than phoning the Admissions Department, applicants instantly confirm these appointments online directly from the Yale website.

Yale receives nearly 20,000 applications for an entering freshman class of 1,300. Approximately 5,000 students are interviewed on campus as part of the admissions process. “Scheduling these appointments with a phone and paper-based system was a major headache, not to mention the cost,” said Jim Nondorf, associate director of admissions at Yale. “The payback on the cost of TimeTrade was very compelling, so we’ve moved to a fully automated self-service system.”

Like many of TimeTrade’s departmental implementations, Yale uses the software on an ASP (Application Service Provider) basis in which TimeTrade hosts Yale’s application at a highly secure data center. “We were up and running quickly with no upfront hardware investment or ongoing support costs,” added Jim Nondorf. The system was quickly configured for the unique resources and “business rules” of Yale Admissions through TimeTrade’s highly-configurable database-driven systems administration module.

Colleges and universities use TimeTrade in a number of applications and departments in addition to Admissions:

  • Distance Learning Centers – to automate the scheduling of on-campus proctored exams.
  • Student Services – to schedule counseling appointments.
  • Help Desks (“ResNet”) – to schedule service calls with faculty and students to troubleshoot hardware and software problems.
  • Fitness Centers – to schedule court time for tennis and squash, appointments with personal trainers and massage therapists, register for classes and events.
  • Facilities Management – for ad hoc scheduling of meetings by clubs, groups, and other organizations.

About TimeTrade Systems, Inc.

Based in Burlington, MA, TimeTrade Systems, Inc. provides appointment scheduling software and hosted (“on-demand”) solutions to some of the world’s best known organizations.  TimeTrade offers highly-configurable turnkey solutions that are quick to implement right off the shelf, as well as platform technology for organizations who want to integrate appointment scheduling capabilities into other computerized systems using a services-oriented approach.

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