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Social and Environmental Responsibility

TimeTrade strives to conduct its operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

As a provider of software as a service (SaaS), we do not produce or sell physical products, which enables TimeTrade to avoid the environmental impact caused by production, distribution and, ultimately, disposal of plastics, metals and other materials.

In early 2017, we established a company-wide Social Responsibility and Environmental Management program. We based this sustainable program on EICC and ISO 14000 requirements that incorporate adherence to a Corporate Code of Ethics and a commitment to be good stewards of the environment through voluntary programs focused on energy conservation, waste reduction, and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

TimeTrade’s office is in an Energy Star-certified building. We have mandatory office recycling programs, charging station for electric vehicles, and an employee culture committed to environmental awareness and protection.

We are currently establishing baseline criteria against which the success of our mandatory and voluntary programs will be monitored, measured and publicly reported. Company employees are trained on this initiative and are expected to be active participants in its enforcement. We make our partners aware of our efforts and expect them to comply similarly when working with TimeTrade.

Since its founding, TimeTrade has incurred no fines or penalties related to environmental matters.

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