Thank you for your interest in a get acquainted coaching consult.

Please allow up to 30-minutes for the call so I can address your dating/relationship concerns. Here's how it works: select a date/time that works for you. At the scheduled time, please call me promptly at (203) 309-6530. If for any reason you need to cancel, please give me 24-hours advance notice.

There are two things I want you to do before our call. Please go to the Meet Sandy page (http://lastfirstdate.com/about/#sthash.zKwgsrMJ.dpbs) to learn more about me, who I work with, and how I work to see if we're a good fit. Next, please check out my Client Success page (http://lastfirstdate.com/testimonials/#sthash.Ade5Qjo3.dpbs) to discover how I've helped clients overcome their relationship and dating challenges. 

Looking forward to connecting with you very soon!

To your success in life and love,

Sandy Weiner, Chief Love Officer of Last First Date