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by Deidre Moore | March 20, 2020

Is Voice Technology the Next Customer Service Trend for Credit Unions?

Credit unions and retail banks are facing uncertainty about how to respond to customers efficiently in a time of a global health pandemic. Given the current move to service customers through digital means whenever possible, one of the trends we think is worth revisiting is voice technology.

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by Steve Connolly | March 16, 2020

Using Virtual Client Meetings To Your Advantage In The Age Of COVID-19

Let’s face it. Today’s headlines are a little scary. COVID-19 and the global pandemic has caused significant change across every citizens life. Give your customers a high-touch experience at a time of social distancing. TimeTrade makes it easy to connect with your customers and prospects.

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by Lauren Mead | March 8, 2020

Six Women Transforming Retail Today

We're using International Women's Day as an opportunity to highlight some of the dynamic women who are making an impact in retail, an industry that generates more than $4 trillion in sales annually.

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by Lauren Mead | March 5, 2020

Shopping without Boundaries: The Quest for Omnichannel Personalization

Best-in-class retailers are focusing their efforts on improving how they personalize the online and offline buying journey as one — with the goal of creating a seamless experience that is frictionless and more satisfying for customers.

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by Bill Bohen | March 3, 2020

TimeTrade Named Online Appointment Scheduling Leader by G2

Being cited as a Leader in the G2 Enterprise Grid Report for Online Appointment Scheduling proves that, while there are a lot of scheduling software options available, very few of them can scale like we can.

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by Steve Connolly | February 12, 2020

Introducing TimeTrade Sync: CRM data synchronization that just works.

TimeTrade Sync improves sales and support team productivity and reduces IT costs through a highly reliable, real-time synchronization of emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, and appointment data across your team’s preferred CRM, email and calendar platforms.

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by Deidre Moore | February 11, 2020

The Shifting Battleground for Financial Services Clients & Assets

Millennials are on their way to becoming the age group with the largest investable wealth. Yet only 4% of Americans ages 18-24 and 7% of those ages 25-34 currently use a financial advisor, presenting outsized untapped opportunities for advisors able to make the right connections.

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