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Survey Shock: Amazon Shoppers Prefer a Store

The prospect of online shopping wiping out bricks and mortar retail is looking more like urban legend than reality. According to a new report “The State of Retail 2015,” a great majority of shoppers would prefer to shop in an Amazon physical store versus

Q: If you had the choice, would you shop at an Amazon retail store or

A: A majority – over 70% – said they prefer a store.

And 65% of these folks said they if an item is available online AND in a nearby store, they would prefer to shop in a store.

What’s going on here ?  Wasn’t online shopping and e-commerce supposed to permanently change the way consumers buy things ? Not according to these folks. They were very specific about why they want to shop in a store:

Q: Why do you prefer shopping in a store versus online ?

A: The store has important things I can’t get online:

The main driver for retail convergence is a change in purchase behavior that continues to include the in-store experience as a main factor in the purchase decision.

For more details you can find the full report and survey results in “The State of Retail 2015” free download.

Written by Gary Ambrosino

Gary drives all aspects of TimeTrade’s business, directing the company’s growth, continued innovation and market leadership. He has been creating and leading innovative early stage companies and establishing accelerated sales and valuation growth for more than 25 years.

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