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How Scheduler Adds LIFE to Human Performance Training

TimeTrade Scheduler is proving to be incredibly popular for businesses that rely on Salesforce and want to schedule meetings without leaving their CRM.

I could write a lengthy post on the many benefits and unique features of Scheduler, but there’s a better way to tell the story of how it helps businesses engage with prospects and customers faster and easier than ever: let a customer tell their own story.

Life Cross Training (LIFE XT) is a human performance program that provides business teams with the necessary tools to increase resilience to stress and maximize productivity, joy and meaning.

As a fast-growing business, theLIFE XT team needed a way to effectively schedule meetings between clients and coaches, and Scheduler for Salesforce was the intelligent online scheduling solution they needed.

Watch this video featuring Raena Hubbell, the company’s director of analytics, who explains how LIFE XT takes advantage of Scheduler’s capabilities.

And read the success story that delves into how Scheduler helps LIFE XT address the challenges the company faced and the results they are experiencing.

We’ll be sharing more TimeTrade customer success stories on a regular basis so you can see exactly how we help our customers engage more successfully with their customers.

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Written by Kevin Flanagan

Kevin is director of content marketing for TimeTrade. He develops and curates the company’s public-facing information to enable customers and prospects to see the unique value TimeTrade solutions deliver to their businesses and teams. He also leads the company’s public relations program. In a high-technology career spanning three decades, Kevin has brought his communications and marketing expertise to a number of leading brands, including Verizon, PictureTel, Yankee Group, 3Com and Carbon Black. Before launching his tech career, Kevin honed his communications skills during 5 years as a radio news anchor and reporter. He earned a degree in English literature, but he credits his obsession with grammar, spelling and punctuation perfection to 12 years of daily drilling in parochial school.

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