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by Olivia Ross | June 30, 2021

Digital-First Banking Trends and the Change in Consumer Behavior a Year After the Pandemic

Bill Clark, CEO of TimeTrade SilverCloud and credit union expert Robert McGarvey dive into the latest digital banking trends and discuss how the pandemic changed the way people bank on this episode of the CU 2.0 Podcast.

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Avatar for Andrew Dunn
by Andrew Dunn | March 30, 2021

Meeting the Increasing Demand for Credit Union Appointments

With the sustained increase in demand for pre-scheduled appointments, credit unions can ensure employees are prepared for their upcoming member engagement right from their calendar. With appointment scheduling, credit union employees have a better understanding of each members needs.

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Avatar for Caroline Platkiewicz
by Caroline Platkiewicz | March 5, 2021

Winning with Customer Experience: Are you leaving your customers out in the cold?

Branch closures and social distancing measures over the course of the last year have drastically reduced the human interaction that differentiate community banks and credit unions. The unfortunate result? Many customers are being left out in the cold.

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Avatar for DJ Haskins
by DJ Haskins | February 4, 2021

Why Branches must close the gaps in the CX Strategy

Today’s customers expect omnichannel experiences requiring branch networks to provide seamless access to information, services, and trusted experts wherever and whenever they engage. Yet as banks accelerated their digital transformation last year, many discovered gaps in their online strategy.

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Avatar for Steve Connolly
by Steve Connolly | December 14, 2020

TimeTrade and Webex: How Necessity Leads to Sustainable Innovation

I’ve talked with many Webex customers who want the simplicity, convenience and security to add video conferencing to their TimeTrade appointments to enhance meeting experiences. Through our partnership with Webex, banking associates, loan officers, portfolio managers can ensure efficient operations.

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by Steve Connolly | October 29, 2020

TimeTrade Retail Banking Customers Have Net Promoter Score (NPS) That’s More Than Twice Industry Average

Financial institutions with higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) often see larger growth rates. In today’s climate, banks and credit unions are focusing on ways to keep customer engagement high, while ensuring quality. Read how appointment scheduling boosts NPS.

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Avatar for Tom O
by Tom O'Brien | October 15, 2020

Banking-by-Appointment Drives Rapid ROI, Here’s How

The coronavirus pandemic forced banks and credit unions to pivot quickly to retool their operational strategies. Banking-by-appointment was deployed at warp speed to ensure customers had uninterrupted access to their trusted and knowledgeable experts from financial advice to account services.

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by Tom O'Brien | September 16, 2020

Improve In-Branch Experiences and Physical Safety with Queue Management Software

In-branch banking has changed as a result of social distancing and customer preferences. But keeping customers physically spaced out doesn’t need to diminish the personal touch. Read how banks and credit unions can quickly pivot and accelerate their digital strategies to enhance customer experience.

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