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by Marketing | July 15, 2015

Logix Increases Business Volume Through Appointment Scheduling

Logix Federal Credit Union has recently found success in increasing business volume in its branches throughout the Los Angeles market by delivering a seamless and more integrated online/offline customer experience.

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by TimeTrade Blogging Team | July 8, 2015

Next Gen Personal Shopping Services

Personal shopping is another arm of the “Concierge Economy.” With apps like Uber and OpenTable, everyone with a smartphone has a driver waiting or a reservation at their favorite restaurant.

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by Chris Carroll | June 30, 2015

WBEY Episode 1 – Top Retailers, Best Buy’s New Wedding Registry, & Interactive Dressing Rooms

On this episode of “We’ve Been Expecting You” Mike and Chris discuss the PWC report on top retailers, Best Buy releasing their version of the wedding registry, and the new Memory Mirror designed to help consumers find the clothes they need.

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by Chris Carroll | June 30, 2015

We’ve Been Expecting You – The Awful Retail Associate

Customer experience isn’t something you should leave to chance. Guaranteeing a knowledgeable associate is available when your customer needs help is the best way to create an amazing customer experience and increase your sales.

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by Marketing | June 25, 2015

How to Attract Students – Higher Education and Technology Go Hand-In-Hand

Progressive institutions are using online appointment scheduling to enhance their admissions and campus services. City Colleges of Chicago, for example, is offering online scheduling services to their long-distance students.

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by Marketing | June 22, 2015

Walmart Knows What Millennials Want From Retailers

A recent article by AdAge points out that the hottest big retailer among Millennials is Walmart. The article cites Walmart’s focus on online and mobile search to be the driver for its partnership with popular Millennial brands, such as Tommee Tippee baby bottles.

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by Marketing | May 28, 2015

A Paradigm Shift In Retail Consumer Behavior

When I need new running shoes, I research new models online, then go into the store to try them on. I always buy the same brand, but every year the new models have a different look and feel. I like to go into the store to see how they fit and talk to the store associate about features.

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by Gary Ambrosino | May 21, 2015

Survey Shock: Amazon Shoppers Prefer a Store

The main driver for retail convergence is a change in purchase behavior that continues to include the in-store experience as a main factor in the purchase decision.

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