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Avatar for Deidre Moore
by Deidre Moore | May 14, 2020

Are Retailers Ready for Increased BOPIS Demand?

One trend that analysts expect to remain long after the pandemic subsides is the shift towards buying online and picking up in-store (BOPIS). That’s because the nature of BOPIS offers consumers a convenient way to shop while also providing a safer alternative to browsing in-stores.

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Avatar for Steve Connolly
by Steve Connolly | April 9, 2020

As Banks Deal with Rush for SBA Loans, Customer Service and Appointment Scheduling is Key

Small businesses in need of urgent financial assistance from COVID-19 disruptions are looking to banks for help. The small business loan program, part of the CARES Act, was launched last week, but a confusing set of guidelines from the federal government has left banks scrambling.

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Avatar for Lauren Mead
by Lauren Mead | April 6, 2020

TimeTrade’s Essential Banking Package Offers Banks and Credit Unions a Quick-Start Option for Online Scheduling

In response to overwhelming demand for a scheduling solution that's quick to implement, but still powerful enough to balance COVID-19 restrictions and a coming surge in banking demand resulting from the CARES Act, TimeTrade created the Essential Banking Package. Here's why.

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Avatar for Chris Carroll
by Chris Carroll | December 4, 2019

Tire and Auto Service Providers: Stop Spinning Your Wheels When It Comes to Service Scheduling

Tire and auto service centers can use online appointment scheduling software to grow their business and more fully utilize their technicians, service bays, equipment and parts.

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by Chris Carroll | November 11, 2019

Driving Higher Appointment Show Rates and Automatic Staff Alerts with TimeTrade Text Notifications

Text notifications are a great way to keep your customers and employees up to date with critical information about their upcoming appointments. Learn how to set them up to automatically deploy when certain time-frames and/or thresholds are met.

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by Chris Carroll | November 7, 2019

Fight of the Walk-In: Scheduled Vs Un-Scheduled Appointments

The benefits of online appointment scheduling for consumer retail, banks, and credit unions are well documented and include higher sales, loyal customers and members, and more engaged employees. But with most locations, there is a constant mix of pre-scheduled customers and walk-in traffic.

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Avatar for Tom O
by Tom O'Brien | September 17, 2019

Save Time with Automatic Scheduling Tools

Are you tired of wasting time trying to figure out when you have availability for appointments with clients? How many appointments are you missing because you have stepped away from your desk, out of the office, or because you have closed for the night or weekend? IAS changes everything!

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Avatar for Chris Carroll
by Chris Carroll | May 8, 2019

Are Long Wait Times or Neglected Customers Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Retailers know that personalization is the key to boosting sales and gaining loyalty among a fickle consumer base. But not all brands have been able to capture shopper attention in the moment of interest, especially during the in-store experience. Learn the signs that your business is missing.

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