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Avatar for Caroline Platkiewicz
by Caroline Platkiewicz | May 26, 2021

How the TimeTrade and SilverCloud Merger Benefits iTHINK Financial and other Credit Unions

iTHINK Financial Credit Union leverages TimeTrade SilverCloud Customer Self-Service, Employee Knowledge Management, and Enterprise Appointment Scheduling products to provide their members an omnichannel experience.

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Avatar for Andrew Dunn
by Andrew Dunn | March 30, 2021

Meeting the Increasing Demand for Credit Union Appointments

With the sustained increase in demand for pre-scheduled appointments, credit unions can ensure employees are prepared for their upcoming member engagement right from their calendar. With appointment scheduling, credit union employees have a better understanding of each members needs.

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Avatar for DJ Haskins
by DJ Haskins | February 4, 2021

Why Branches must close the gaps in the CX Strategy

Today’s customers expect omnichannel experiences requiring branch networks to provide seamless access to information, services, and trusted experts wherever and whenever they engage. Yet as banks accelerated their digital transformation last year, many discovered gaps in their online strategy.

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Avatar for Steve Connolly
by Steve Connolly | October 29, 2020

TimeTrade Retail Banking Customers Have Net Promoter Score (NPS) That’s More Than Twice Industry Average

Financial institutions with higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) often see larger growth rates. In today’s climate, banks and credit unions are focusing on ways to keep customer engagement high, while ensuring quality. Read how appointment scheduling boosts NPS.

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Avatar for Lauren Mead
by Lauren Mead | April 6, 2020

TimeTrade’s Essential Banking Package Offers Banks and Credit Unions a Quick-Start Option for Online Scheduling

In response to overwhelming demand for a scheduling solution that's quick to implement, but still powerful enough to balance COVID-19 restrictions and a coming surge in banking demand resulting from the CARES Act, TimeTrade created the Essential Banking Package. Here's why.

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Avatar for Deidre Moore
by Deidre Moore | February 11, 2020

The Shifting Battleground for Financial Services Clients & Assets

Millennials are on their way to becoming the age group with the largest investable wealth. Yet only 4% of Americans ages 18-24 and 7% of those ages 25-34 currently use a financial advisor, presenting outsized untapped opportunities for advisors able to make the right connections.

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by Deidre Moore | January 14, 2020

Five Keys to Winning Over Institutional Buyers

While buyers seek more custom solutions and advice-focused interactions, asset managers seem to struggle with the transition from transactional to advisory relationships. Engaging institutional buyers in the digital age requires a fresh mindset and new enabling technologies.

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Avatar for Deidre Moore
by Deidre Moore | December 31, 2019

Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019: Winning in the Customer Experience Era

Whether it was new ideas about how to drive more appointment traffic with solutions like search integration and experiential learning, or how to enrich the experience once customers arrive, experience themes dominated our top performing blog posts of the year.

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