Intelligent Appointment Scheduling

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Avatar for Andrew Dunn
by Andrew Dunn | March 30, 2021

Meeting the Increasing Demand for Credit Union Appointments

With the sustained increase in demand for pre-scheduled appointments, credit unions can ensure employees are prepared for their upcoming member engagement right from their calendar. With appointment scheduling, credit union employees have a better understanding of each members needs.

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Avatar for Bill Clark
by Bill Clark | February 23, 2021

A personal offer from a Massachusetts resident and business leader…

The news last week about the COVID-19 vaccination scheduling issues in Massachusetts is alarming, but not surprising. Learn how to implement a seamless experience for both the consumer and the business. When done wrong, it creates tremendous frustration and inefficiencies, as we’ve been witnessing.

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Avatar for Caroline Platkiewicz
by Caroline Platkiewicz | February 1, 2021

Rapid Response to Aid City of LA Residents During Pandemic

How do you distribute $37 million to 100,000 residents across the country’s second largest city in less than 30 days? How do you do that – but during the world’s largest pandemic in 100 years?

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Avatar for Lauren Mead
by Lauren Mead | April 6, 2020

TimeTrade’s Essential Banking Package Offers Banks and Credit Unions a Quick-Start Option for Online Scheduling

In response to overwhelming demand for a scheduling solution that's quick to implement, but still powerful enough to balance COVID-19 restrictions and a coming surge in banking demand resulting from the CARES Act, TimeTrade created the Essential Banking Package. Here's why.

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Avatar for Deidre Moore
by Deidre Moore | April 2, 2020

6 Ways Online Scheduling Can Help Higher Ed Stay Connected While Campus is Closed

With campuses closed due to Coronavirus, colleges and universities can still stay connected with students. Intelligent online scheduling offers a stress-free way for students to remain in contact with key faculty and staff even while classes have moved online.

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Avatar for DJ Haskins
by DJ Haskins | March 31, 2020

Why Digital Channels Are Critical for Supporting Your Banking Customers During COVID-19 and Beyond

As individuals and organizations, we’re all navigating a sea of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. Banks and credit unions are not exempt, and are being forced to make tough decisions that balance the need to protect employees and customers, while providing much needed support and service.

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Avatar for Deidre Moore
by Deidre Moore | March 20, 2020

Is Voice Technology the Next Customer Service Trend for Credit Unions?

Credit unions and retail banks are facing uncertainty about how to respond to customers efficiently in a time of a global health pandemic. Given the current move to service customers through digital means whenever possible, one of the trends we think is worth revisiting is voice technology.

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Avatar for Lauren Mead
by Lauren Mead | March 5, 2020

Shopping without Boundaries: The Quest for Omnichannel Personalization

Best-in-class retailers are focusing their efforts on improving how they personalize the online and offline buying journey as one — with the goal of creating a seamless experience that is frictionless and more satisfying for customers.

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