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by Tom O'Brien | July 5, 2016

Reimagining Retail at Future Stores 2016

The retail industry is on the move, and will be making strides to improve the experiences of consumers and associates, both physically and digitally.

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by Kevin Flanagan | June 30, 2016

TimeTrade “Whips” Up a Frenzy at TechJam

Two weeks ago, TimeTrade had a great recipe for fun at Boston TechJam, an annual get together for established and emerging tech innovators.

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by Chris Carroll | June 7, 2016

Consumer Banking Survey 2016

We broke our findings down by demographic, so you get granular data on millennials and Gen Z – particularly in the context of their preference for interacting with their bank via mobile devices.

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by Chris Carroll | June 2, 2016

Virtual Agents and Chatbots Put the ‘Assist’ In Assistant

Consumers want help in making decisions and leading companies will provide this help in a timely manner, whether it be via voice, text, chat or in-person.

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by Chris Carroll | May 13, 2016

East to the West – Future Stores 2016 Just Weeks Away

Stop by to chat about the changing role of brick and mortar retail in today’s shopping landscape and what retailers can do to stand out from the crowd and deliver superior in-store experience.

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by Chris Carroll | April 28, 2016

TimeTrade Heads West for The Business Banking Conference

The TimeTrade team will be on hand at our booth in the Lakes Ballroom to discuss current customer needs, service perceptions and ways that banks can improve the in-branch experience and build customer trust in the digital age.

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by Chris Carroll | April 21, 2016

Mobile Technology in Education Enables Post-Grad Career Guidance

Leading colleges and universities realize that using mobile technology in education actually enables students to meet with advisors who will help them launch their post college career.

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by Tom O'Brien | April 15, 2016

How Girard Financial Group Delivers the Best Experience for their Clients

After the the 2008 financial crisis, Dan Girard knew that meetings with clients would provide an ideal opportunity to discuss their financial status, adjust goals and strategies, and help restore confidence.

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