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by Chris Carroll | August 21, 2015

We’ve Been Expecting You: Do & Don’t Retail Trends of 2015

In this episode of We've Been Expecting You, we discuss the Amazon Prime Day, GiftStarter, and the top retail trends of 2015. Learn what you should and should not do as a retailer.

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by Tom O'Brien | August 5, 2015

The Future Of Retail: And The Winner Is…

Without a doubt, omni-channel retailing is changing the retail business model. Merchants now need to adapt new strategies to adhere to consumer demands, and scheduling technology may be one approach worth considering.

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by Tom O'Brien | July 30, 2015

Attracting and Satisfying The Modern Consumer

Retailers shouldn’t be asking: how do we create a personalized experience for our consumers? Instead, they should be asking: how do we give more control to our consumers so that they can create their own personalized experience?

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by Marketing | July 22, 2015

Demographics Drive Different Shopping Habits

Our latest infographic reveals why retailers must keep different demographics in mind in terms of marketing in order to improve their retail customer experience.

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by Chris Carroll | July 16, 2015

WBEY Episode 2 – Fully Automated Bank Branches, Buying the Apple Watch, and Financial Empowerment

On this episode of We’ve Been Expecting You, we discuss the latest banking technology trends, such as the fully automated and unmanned banking branch, the white glove experience Apple is working to deliver when buying their new watch, and how the way you sit can impact your decisions.

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by TimeTrade Blogging Team | July 8, 2015

Next Gen Personal Shopping Services

Personal shopping is another arm of the “Concierge Economy.” With apps like Uber and OpenTable, everyone with a smartphone has a driver waiting or a reservation at their favorite restaurant.

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by Chris Carroll | June 30, 2015

WBEY Episode 1 – Top Retailers, Best Buy’s New Wedding Registry, & Interactive Dressing Rooms

On this episode of “We’ve Been Expecting You” Mike and Chris discuss the PWC report on top retailers, Best Buy releasing their version of the wedding registry, and the new Memory Mirror designed to help consumers find the clothes they need.

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by Chris Carroll | June 30, 2015

We’ve Been Expecting You – The Awful Retail Associate

Customer experience isn’t something you should leave to chance. Guaranteeing a knowledgeable associate is available when your customer needs help is the best way to create an amazing customer experience and increase your sales.

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