Clear Communication: Streamlining Customer Engagement

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As a summer marketing intern at TimeTrade, I have had a month of exposure to the world of SaaS solutions, specifically the appointment scheduling solution that TimeTrade offers. Nonetheless, I have quickly become a proponent of providing prospects and customers with “we’ve been expecting you” service, which is the foundation of TimeTrade’s Customer Engagement Cloud.

After reading an article on by Mike Taylor, 4 Simple Ways to Communicate Better With Your Customer, it became increasingly evident to me that TimeTrade’s customer engagement solution delivers on the points he makes about achieving clear, effortless communication between salespeople and prospects.

Taylor outlines four ways companies can “improve customer experience and communication” in order to “drive business and improve customer happiness.” In looking at each of these suggestions, I saw parallels between what TimeTrade offers and how businesses can benefit.

  • Taylor notes how salespeople must “nail the first impression.” TimeTrade Scheduler, for example, enables sales and customer success teams to schedule meetings with prospects and customers—right from within their CRM platform. By eliminating calling, chasing and waiting, aka “phone-tag,” Scheduler—and other TimeTrade solutions—make it easy for prospects and customers to select appointment times that are convenient for them, helping sales teams to nail that first impression.
  • Taylor recognizes that keeping “hold times to a minimum” is essential for exceptional customer service. Considering that TimeTrade lets prospects select meeting times, they can expect an immediate connection with a representative at the exact time of the meeting. Salespeople who use TimeTrade are able to let customers and prospects choose when they want to meet, based on the rep’s availability. So, both the salesperson and the prospect or customer are available and ready to meet.
  • “Make customer service calls a priority” is Taylor’s third piece of advice. He explains that “when communication breaks down over the phone, people take it personally, and they tend to not give you their business.” With TimeTrade’s online appointment scheduling capability, salespeople no longer have to chase down prospects. TimeTrade makes possible that aforementioned “we’ve been expecting you” customer service that every company—and customer—desires. Excellent customer service is critical for a company’s reputation and longevity, and TimeTrade helps create positive relationships between sales and customers.
  • Finally, Taylor emphasizes that talking to customers “like real people” is essential. Having scheduled meetings on their calendars helps sales reps be prepared for each engagement. Reps can anticipate what the prospect is going to ask and have answers ready, which will make the conversation flow more smoothly and productively—and lead to closing more deals, faster. Salespeople can prepare for every customer engagement and create a conversation focused on the needs of each prospect.
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Written by Devon Guanci

Devon Guanci is a marketing intern at TimeTrade. A member of the class of 2019 at Providence College, where she is majoring in history and political science, Devon is responsible for editing and reviewing marketing materials, contributing to public relations and social media efforts, and preparing new blog posts and publications. Devon plans to attend law school after completing her undergraduate degree.

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