Consumer Banking Survey 2016

TimeTrade’s State of Retail Banking 2016: Consumer Survey delivered a trove of valuable information about how consumers choose and interact with their bank, what they feel about the bank customer experience, and the degree to which they expect personalized attention from their banks when making major purchasing decisions.

And we didn’t stop there: we broke these findings down by demographic! That way, you get granular data on millennials and Gen Z – particularly in the context of their preference for interacting with their bank via mobile devices.

To help you visualize the wide-ranging consumer banking trends, we put together this infographic. This contains several of the nuggets we consider to be most compelling. Take a gander and see what catches your eye. If you want to dig deeper, be sure to delve directly into the report itself. The full State of Retail Banking 2016: Consumer Survey can be accessed here.



Written by Chris Carroll

I'm the Product Marketing Manager at TimeTrade. I focus on the customer experience of the product and use our customer learnings to help update our workflows and create materials to help train our users. I also focus on our client facing marketing programs, social media initiatives, and content curation.

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